In any motorcycle accident, sudden movements from the crash impact can cause significant injury to the ligaments in a motorcycle rider’s back.

This is because the motorcycle rider’s muscles do not have time to react to the unexpected jarring motion caused when a motorcycle is hit by a car. When the rider of a bike is hit, the motorcycle rider’s back muscles do not contract fast enough to keep the spine within its normal range of motion, which causes ligaments to stretch or tear, causing acute pain. In our experience with motorcycle accident victims, pain caused by back muscle sprains and strains typically gets worse in the days immediately following the accident, as inflammation develops.

A motorcycle accident personal injury lawyer with experience in cervical lumbar and thoracic muscle sprains and strains can assist an injured victim of a motorcycle accident, by providing access to a competent network of physical therapists, chiropractors and pain management specialists who can assist with your recovery and rehabilitation. Most importantly, we manage this without charging anything up-front, while Wilshire law Firm fights to obtain a favorable settlement for you throughout the duration of your motorcycle personal injury accident case.

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