Quadriplegia is a serious injury, and is not only characterized by the removal of sense and ability in the arms and the legs. It can also result in intense pain, loss of urinary and bowel control, inadvertent muscle spasms, lack of sexual function, fertility issues, and reduced lifespan.

Unfortunately, quadriplegia is characteristically the result of carelessness or negligence. Quadriplegia happens when the spinal cord breaks at the shoulder and neck area, unlike paraplegia, where paralysis is confined to below the waist. Due to the break, motor function, mobility, and sensation are reduced in the lower body. Furthermore, even involuntary aspects of our bodily function, such as excretion, respiratory functions, digestion, are hindered or rendered impossible.

A car motorcycle accident is the best example of the type of accident scenario which results in severe bodily injury, of which quadriplegia (where one is paralyzed from the neck down) is perhaps the worst. People with such injuries rarely, if ever, recover their lost bodily functions, as the permanent brain/nerve damage and destruction of associated tissue surrounding the electrical communication process with the brain is hard to overcome.

Though novel research may be helpful, such as with technologies using stem cell replacement or even physical therapy, there is very little chance for a quadriplegic patient to resume living a normal life.

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