Spinal cord injuries are quite broad, ranging from “sprains” of the soft connective tissues and muscles in the spine to herniated discs, to compression of the spinal cord, also including vertebrate (the bones that surround and protect ones spinal cord) damage.

Injuries to the spine often result in serious disability and pain, ranging from conditions involving loss of feeling (paralysis, like quadriplegia or paraplegia) to conditions that cause constant pain, hindering those affected by preventing such simple actions as comfortably sitting or even sleeping.

Often, spinal cord injuries such as herniated disks or other lower back issues are often confused with hip injuries. Though the hip is fine, the back problems still cause leg weakness, pain in the buttocks and the upper legs, and numbness. In the case of motorcycle accidents, all of these areas of the body represent exposed elements in a crash.

Injuries to the spinal cord almost always get worse as time goes on, often co-occurring with (sometimes as a cause of) arthritis in vertebrae bones. Pain can be minimized and movement can be regained through treatment, with a positive effect on the resulting life independence. However, most patients will suffer chronic medical issues. As a result, it is especially important to ensure that a patient receives fair and full compensation and financial recovery.

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