Wilshire Law Firm’s personal injury attorney in Los Angeles would like to discuss your bodily injuries with you after a motorcycle crash. If you have been in a motorcycle crash and think you may have experienced a whiplash injury, we suggest you visit a medical professional for expert advice on this potentially serious injury to your neck.

Motorcycle accidents have severe impacts that result in many injuries, and amongst the most common injuries is whiplash. When the neck’s soft tissues experience a sudden jerk (or a “whipping”), a patient may get whiplash. It is often inevitable in a motorcycle accident and/or motor vehicle accident.

During a motorcycle accident, a victim may face the straining of ligaments and muscles of the head and neck past the normal motion range. A whiplash is also known as a neck strain or a neck sprain. It can also encompass injuries to ligaments, nerve roots, cervical muscles, and invertebrate joints.

Common whiplash symptoms:

  • Mild to severe headaches
  • Burning sensation around the neck
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder discomfort
  • Back pain

Though many patients will recover within three months, certain people may experience continual and residual headaches and neck pain. A whiplash may also cause back muscle strain and back injuries in motorcycle accidents. Because whiplash can result in such uncertain and other types of injuries, a patient should consult a specialized personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an motorcycle crash. It is important to communicate with your medical profession the type of accident you have been in and the type of pain proceeds as the results of the accident. Personal injury attorney Bobby Saadian of Wilshire Law Firm can help you find the medical professionals that will ensure proper diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment for your injury.

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