6 Things You Should Know Before Joining a Motorcycle Club

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For the longest time, motorcycle clubs have been getting bad press. Many people in the society automatically think of motorcycle clubs as criminal gangs. But is this true? Are all motorcycle clubs really criminal gangs? In this post, we tell you seven things you need to know about motorcycle clubs before joining any of them:

Ninety-nine percent of motorcycle club members are hardworking, law abiding people

They obey federal and state laws and regulations. The other one percent is made up of outlaws – individuals who disregard the law and are likely involved in organized crime. Make sure you do a thorough check and understand the club you are about to join before making the decision.

There are many benefits to joining a motorcycle club

You will get to enjoy many benefits upon joining a motorcycle club. There is a sense of brotherhood, pride and achievement to joining a motorcycle club. You will meet and get to know lots of people. Most of these clubs will likely come to your aid in case something happens to you. Also, most clubs ride for a purpose. Some try to inspire others to be patriotic while others provide recovering alcoholics with an alternative means of entertainment. There are even Christian motorcycle clubs that use bikes to spread the gospel.

You will get discounts

Many clubs have their own shops for motorcycle safety gear or spare parts. Some even have deals with gas stations and other like-minded organizations to provide their members with gas or bike gear at a cheaper price.

Many clubs have a chain of command or some other sort of hierarchical structure

If you are not comfortable getting directions from someone else then you should probably not join a motorcycle club. Most clubs have constitutions or a set or rules that members have to follow. There are also club leaders and officials whose instructions you have to follow.

Minimum miles per year

Joining and staying in a motorcycle club is not as simple as many people think. Owning a bike alone is not enough – you literally have to go extra miles to maintain membership. Some hardcore clubs require their members to ride at least tens of thousands of miles annually to maintain their membership. It would be difficult to clock such an enormous number of miles if you lead a busy lifestyle.

You will probably need to hire motorcycle accident lawyers

Let’s face it, riding motorcycles is pretty risky. The fact that you have to ride thousands of miles a year means that you are more likely to get into an accident. If this unfortunately happens, then you will need a good team of motorcycle accident lawyers to help you out. Our law firm is made up of experienced motorcycle accident lawyers who use effective, personalized legal strategies to get you compensated.


There are many benefits to joining a motorcycle club. You will get to ride with others, enjoy discounts on spare parts and have a sense of pride and brotherhood. You should, however, try to know as much as possible about a motorcycle club and more specifically about its local chapter before joining it. You might be joining a criminal gang without knowing it.

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