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Los Angeles, CA – Injuries Follow Car Crash at Beverly Glen Blvd & Valley Vista Blvd

February 18, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Los Angeles, CA (February 18, 2023) – The Los Angeles Police Department was dispatched to provide assistance at the scene of a motor vehicle accident in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood that sent at least one person to a local hospital with injuries.

Just before 1:40 p.m. on February 18, emergency crews were notified that a crash between vehicles blocked Beverly Glen Boulevard.

Authorities arrived at the scene and located damaged vehicles blocking Beverly Glen Boulevard near Valley Vista Boulevard. Emergency crews went to work immediately on rendering aid to the injured victims.

At least one person suffered injuries in the accident that required further medical care. The victim was transported to a local hospital by ambulance.

At this time, the incident remains under investigation.

Car Accidents in California

Los Angeles, CA – Injuries Follow Car Crash at Beverly Glen Blvd & Valley Vista BlvdMotor vehicle accidents occur every day in California that have devastating consequences for those in both. Hundreds of thousands of people suffer injuries that require medical care. Not only do victims face significant mental and physical injuries, but they often deal with financial consequences as well. After being hurt in a car crash due to another person’s negligence, you can file legal action against them. This is done by seeking the assistance of aLos Angeles car accident lawyer to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Some of the damages you can seek compensation for with a personal injury case include:

  • Medical Costs: You can include all of your medical costs associated with the accident in your personal injury claim, including any doctor visits, hospital stays, and surgeries.
  • Lost Earnings: You are entitled to your lost wages if you were unable to work because of your injuries. This can include money to make up for the time you missed at work due to doctor appointments and more.
  • Car Repair Expenses: If your car was involved in an accident and needed repairs, you can get reimbursed.
  • Pain and suffering: Physical and mental misery brought on by the injury are both included in the category of “pain and suffering.” The effects of your injuries on your life decide the amount of pain and suffering damages.

Is important that you seek legal guidance right away. Even though you are not required by law to hire an attorney, it can help you significantly when it comes to proving your case and maximizing the compensation you recover.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we take pride in providing excellent legal representation for individuals who have been injured due to another’s negligence. Our knowledgeable California personal injury lawyers are dedicated to getting justice and financial recovery for those who deserve it. We will work hard on your behalf to build a sound case and demand full compensation for all damages you face. With our award-winning attorneys advocating on your behalf, we can ensure that justice is served and that you get the best possible outcome from your case. Contact us today at 800-358-1884 for a free consultation so we can help fight for what’s rightfully yours.