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Los Angeles, CA – At Least One Hurt in Multi-Vehicle Crash at Tampa Ave & Lassen St

February 19, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Los Angeles, CA (February 18, 2023) – On Wednesday, February 16, there were reported injuries after a pileup crash in Los Angeles. 

The accident involved five vehicles including a school bus and a black Lincoln Navigator. The crash was first reported at around 4:34 p.m. at the intersection of Tampa Avenue and Lassen Street. There were reportedly students onboard the bus at the time of the accident. 

Emergency responders were called to the scene, and at least one person was hospitalized for treatment. The Navigator was towed from the scene. Local reports indicated that alcohol was a factor in the crash. 

No additional information has been provided at this time. 

Local authorities are handling the ongoing accident investigation. 

School Bus Collisions in California

Los Angeles, CA - At Least One Hurt in Multi-Vehicle Crash at Tampa Ave & Lassen StBuses and other school transportation vehicles are involved in about 0.3% of car accidents. A total of  1,207 people lost their lives in accidents involving school transportation between 2009 and 2018, or 121 each year on average. Nearly  70% of fatalities in school bus accidents were passengers in other vehicles. A total of  249  of the 1,207 fatalities were students, as defined by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as those who were 18 years old or younger. You need to contact an attorney right away to start your claim for compensation. 

It is critical to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible if you have been hurt in an automobile accident. A car accident can permanently alter your life. Your injuries may prevent you from working, make you miserable, and leave you with years’ worth of medical debt. You need a skilled lawyer on your side who will fight for just compensation.

A settlement is an agreement on how much money will be awarded as compensation for your losses. This may take place either before or after a vehicle accident case goes to trial. The insurance company may use settlements as a means of avoiding having to pay you the full amount that you would be entitled to at trial. Although the money is paid out in one big sum right once, accepting a settlement instead of waiting for a decision is not always the wiser course of action.

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