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Los Angeles, CA – Pedestrian Hurt in Crash at McClintock Ave & W Jefferson Blvd

February 20, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Los Angeles, CA (February 19, 2023) – A pedestrian was injured following a traffic accident in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 18. 

The incident took place at around 4:45 p.m. at the corner of McClintock Avenue and W. Jefferson Boulevard. A pedestrian was crossing at the intersection when they were hit by an oncoming motor vehicle. Emergency responders were dispatched to provide aid to the injured party, and the victim was later transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment. 

At this time, no updates on the condition of the crash victims have been provided. 

An investigation into the cause of the pedestrian accident is underway. 

California Pedestrian Crashes

Los Angeles, CA - Pedestrian Hurt in Crash at McClintock Ave & W Jefferson BlvdIn 2020, pedestrian accidents on state and federal highways claimed more than 7,000 lives. A pedestrian death occurs every 75 minutes on average, and one in every six fatal accident victims in 2020 were pedestrians. It is estimated that 104,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency rooms for non-fatal crash-related injuries in the same year. Those who have been hurt in a pedestrian crash should turn to a qualified attorney to discuss their right to compensation. 

California has some of the most lethal pedestrian accidents in the country. The vast majority of these collisions are caused by driver negligence, including distracted driving, drunk driving, and other forms of recklessness on the road. Even though it may be difficult to think clearly after being hit by a car, what you say and do at the scene will affect how your claim is resolved afterward. Accidents involving pedestrians can lead to serious wounds that are expensive to treat in terms of medical bills and lost pay. In an effort to limit their responsibility, the insurance company or defendant may try to coerce you into making a recorded statement that can be used to contest liability or your damages.

Many accident victims in California have had their legal rights safeguarded over the many years that Wilshire Law Firm. For many years, our lawyers have been in the business of representing clients who were seriously injured in car accidents. We work hard to make sure that our clients receive the entire amount of compensation to which they are due, and we think that the responsible party should be made to pay. Because of our years of experience, we know how to provide our clients with tangible results. If you want to discuss your case with a Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney, call our offices at 800-358-1884 right away.