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Cajon Pass, CA – Two Injured in Multi-Vehicle Wreck on 15 Freeway near Highway 138

February 21, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Cajon Pass, CA (February 21, 2023) – At 12:00 p.m. on February 19, the California Highway Patrol responded to provide assistance at the scene of an automobile accident that left two people injured.

According to reports, a compact SUV, Chevrolet Trax, and a black sedan collided on the 15 Freeway in the area near Highway 138.

The impact of the crash caused one vehicle to flip over and come to rest in the road.

The California Highway Patrol responded to the scene of the accident with the assistance of firefighters and secured the roadway.

Paramedics went to work on providing care to the victims who suffered injuries. two people were transported to area hospitals following the accident for further medical care.

The circumstances surrounding the accident are currently being investigated.

Car Accidents in California

Cajon Pass, CA – Two Injured in Multi-Vehicle Wreck on 15 Freeway near Highway 138Every year, hundreds of thousands of motor vehicle accidents take place in the state of California. Over 200,000 of these accidents result in some form of injury for those involved. Although many accidents result in injuries that are minor, we see a significant number of people hospitalized for serious injuries that demand medical attention.

Being hurt as a result of a motor vehicle accident can have a significant impact on your life. Many victims have to go through extensive medical treatment, such as surgery and hospitalization. Depending on the type and severity of injuries, victims may have to go through months of therapy and rehabilitation. Trying to overcome painful physical and emotional injuries can be incredibly difficult. Unfortunately, many people are hurt in accidents due to the reckless and negligent actions of others. Speeding, impairment, and distractions continue to be three of the leading causes of accidents that take place in our state.

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a car crash that was caused by another person’s negligence, a car accident lawyer in Cajon Pass can help you seek financial compensation to alleviate the losses and expenses that you face. It is in your best interest to act quickly to provide yourself with the best chance of getting justice and holding the negligent driver accountable.

In California, car crash victims have the ability to file a personal injury claim against the responsible driver. Even if drivers share some fault for the accident, they are still able to recover compensation for their damages. However, if you are found to be at fault for some of the accidents, your recoverable damages will be reduced by the amount of fault you share. For this reason, it is crucial that you seek help from a car accident lawyer as soon as possible to provide yourself with the best chance of getting justice and securing the maximum amount of compensation.

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