Los Angeles, CA – Injuries Reported in Collision at W 37th & Flower St

February 21, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Los Angeles, CA (February 20, 2023) – A serious car accident in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 19, required support from medical responders. 

At around 4:31 p.m., the crash first took place at the corner of W. 37th and Flower Streets. Emergency responders were called to the scene to render aid to the involved parties. Those requiring further treatment were hospitalized. 

No updates on the conditions of the injured parties have been provided. The roadway was later reopened to outside traffic several hours later. 

No additional information has been provided. 

An investigation into the cause of the crash is in progress. 

Car Accidents in California

Los Angeles, CA - Injuries Reported in Collision at W 37th & Flower StWe all drive almost every day, and while we are all fairly at ease behind the wheel, driving can actually be highly risky. Here in California, a sizable percentage of the fatal collisions reported nationwide each year take place each year. Nearly 10% of the 36,096 fatal car accidents that occurred in the United States in 2019 occurred in our state. The average annual cost of traffic accidents to the US economy is $242 billion, which means that many innocent victims end up footing the bill as a result of other drivers’ carelessness. You should talk with an attorney if you want to pursue a personal injury claim after a car crash. 

Any auto collision has the potential to be dangerous and cause serious injury. In some circumstances, the weeks that follow an accident can end up being just as terrible as the accident itself. Our  California car accident attorneys have handled cases very similar to yours in the past, and that means we are able to perform for our clients. Even though the accident might have ended in a matter of seconds, it might take some time before you are fully recovered from your injuries and other damages resulting from the accident. 

If another driver’s negligence resulted in your injuries in the state of California, you have a right to monetary recompense for your pain and suffering. The enormous medical expenditures that result from your accident are likely just one of the many losses you experienced, and they can seriously alter your way of life. Your initial medical treatment and counseling may cost you tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands, and should be covered by the at-fault party.

Many past accident victims in California have had their legal rights defended by Wilshire Law Firm. Our lawyers have a proven track record of successfully representing individuals who were seriously injured in traffic accidents. We work very hard to make sure that our clients get the entire amount of compensation to which they are due, and we think that the responsible party should be held accountable. Our extensive experience has taught us how to provide our clients with tangible outcomes. If you would like to discuss your case with a Los Angeles car accident attorney, contact us at 800-358-1884 right away.