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Woodlands, CA – County Rd 118 Truck Crash near Old River Rd Ends in Injuries

February 21, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Woodlands, CA (February 21, 2023) – Injuries were reported as a result of a motor vehicle accident that took place in the Woodlands area on Monday evening.

Just before 4:40 p.m. on February 20, troopers with the California Highway Patrol responded to the scene of an automobile accident that occurred on County Road 118.

Preliminary reports show that a semi-truck and a sedan were involved in a collision on County Road 118 near old River Road. The incident blocked old River Road, prompting authorities to shut down the roadway.

The semi-truck went down the embankment as a result of the crash.

At least one person became trapped inside the vehicle. Firefighters were called to respond to the scene of the accident and extricate the victim.

One air ambulance was requested at the scene to transport the injured victim to an area hospital.

The sedan had to be towed away from the scene of the crash due to the damages suffered.

At this time, the California Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

Truck Accidents in California

Woodlands, CA – County Rd 118 Truck Crash near Old River Rd Ends in InjuriesAny type of automobile accident has the potential to cause serious injuries. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of people in the state of California are hurt as a result of vehicle collisions annually. When semi-trucks in large commercial vehicles are involved in accidents, thumbs are at an increased risk of suffering severe injuries.

Every year, innocent people are hospitalized with severe trauma to the head, internal organ injuries, and other serious injuries that we consult in the need for extensive medical treatment. Suffering any type of significant injury can have a devastating impact on your life. Many people are left permanently disabled following accidents involving semi-trucks.

If you have the unfortunate experience of suffering injuries due to a truck accident, you can file a legal claim against the responsible party. A truck accident lawyer in Woodlands can help you secure financial compensation for the losses and damages that you face.

In California, people can recover compensation for damages based on comparative negligence laws. This law provides victims with the opportunity to recover financial compensation even if they are found to be partially at fault for the accident. It is important to seek the help of a skilled legal team right away to ensure you have the strongest case against the defendant. Proving that all or the majority of the damages that you suffered as a result of the defendant’s actions is critical in securing the maximum compensation possible for your lawsuit.

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