Hanford, CA – Woman Fatally Injured in Truck Accident at CA-43 & Kent Ave

February 26, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Hanford, CA (February 26, 2023) – A woman has died as a result of a truck accident that took place early Tuesday morning in Kings County. The accident was reported on February 22 during the morning hours.

At approximately 215 a.m., a 47-year-old woman was traveling on Highway 43 when her vehicle became involved in a collision with a semi-truck near the intersection of Kent Avenue.

The impact of the crash sent the woman’s car careening off the roadway.

The woman suffered severe injuries as a result of the crash. EMS responded to the scene and rendered aid to the woman before transporting her to a hospital in Visalia. The woman later passed away from her injuries.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

Fatal Truck Accidents in California

Hanford, CA – Woman Fatally Injured in Truck Accident at CA-43 & Kent AveEvery year, thousands of people in California lose their lives in auto collisions. Many families are left unable to recover and go on. The sorrow and pain caused by these accidents are unimaginable. It’s not just the mental and emotional toll on the family but also the financial cost. It can be quite challenging to try to pay for tens of thousands of dollars in losses, including funeral and medical costs. Sadly, many victims of these accidents die as a direct result of careless driving.

In California, we see a lot of incidents that may have been avoided. There are a number of recurring factors that put people at risk, leading to deadly accidents in the Golden State. Among these are:

  • Speeding motorists: When moving at excessive speeds, it can be more challenging for drivers to avoid colliding with vehicles on the road. It can also make driving more dangerous by making it more likely that drivers will lose control of their automobiles.
  • Failure to yield: Unfortunately, we see many people lose their lives as a result of drivers who fail to yield. While switching lanes, entering roadways, or even turning intersections, it is important that drivers are mindful of other motorists nearby.
  • Distractions: Far too often, innocent drivers and passengers are killed in car accidents caused by drivers who were texting or otherwise preoccupied with something other than the road.

The effects of fatal car accidents on families are unimaginably catastrophic. In the event of a fatal car accident caused by another driver’s carelessness or recklessness, you may be able to take legal action against that driver. An experienced wrongful death attorney in California can explain your legal choices and defend your case. Your matter requires prompt attention. Therefore, don’t delay in taking action.

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