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Riverside, CA – One Transported to RCH Following Crash on I-15 near Hidden Valley Parkway

February 26, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Riverside, CA (February 26, 2023) – One person was transported to Riverside Community Hospital following a motor vehicle accident in the Riverside area involving three vehicles.

On February 25, the California Highway Patrol out of Riverside was dispatched to help at the scene of an automobile collision on Interstate 15.

According to reports, a blue Kia Stinger, a black Jeep, and a white Honda Accord collided on the northbound side of Interstate 15. The incident prompted officials to block off the roadway in the area just north of Hidden Valley Parkway.

Emergency crews requested tow trucks to provide assistance with the removal of the damaged vehicles. Multiple tow trucks responded to tow away the vehicles as troopers with the California Highway Patrol and firefighters worked to remove debris from the lanes.

EMS responded to care for the victims who suffered injuries in the crash. At least one of the victims involved in the crash was transported to a local hospital.

The California Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation into the crash.

Car Accidents in California

Riverside, CA – One Transported to RCH Following Crash on I-15 near Hidden Valley ParkwayMore than 200,000 people are injured in automobile accidents in our state every year. Several people are hurt in car accidents each year because other drivers were negligent. Every year, thousands of individuals are hurt because drivers were either going too fast, failed to yield, or were otherwise distracted while behind the wheel. Moreover, accidents are common due to drivers who are either impaired or careless.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of a car crash is something for which no one can fully prepare. There are usually far-reaching consequences. Every single accident, though, is different. This is why the results of car accidents vary widely from person to person.

It’s unclear to many individuals what they should do in the aftermath. Adrenaline makes it difficult to evaluate injuries accurately. This is why it’s always advised that victims get checked out by medical professionals. A medical examination can detect and identify life-threatening injuries, such as internal bleeding or organ failure, at an early stage. To take legal action after suffering harm is a must. Contact a car accident lawyer in California who will fight for your rights if you are hurt in an auto accident caused by another driver’s negligence.

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