San Diego, CA – Uber Car Crash on G St & Pacific Highway Ends in Injuries

February 27, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

San Diego, CA (February 26, 2023) – A rideshare accident took place in the San Diego area that left two people with injuries on Thursday morning, February 23.

At around 6:15 a.m., the San Diego Police Department was notified that an automobile accident occurred in the area of G Street and Pacific Highway.

Preliminary reports show that an Uber was transporting multiple passengers to the San Diego Convention Center on the southbound side of Pacific Highway. As the vehicle traveled southbound on Pacific Highway, the Toyota Prius became involved in a collision with an SUV.

Firefighters and paramedics assisted the police at the scene of the accident, which took place near G Street.

Two people suffered injuries in the accident. The victims, identified as two women that were riding in the Uber, were transported to area hospitals for further care.

The circumstances surrounding the accident are being investigated.

Car Accidents in California

San Diego, CA – Uber Car Crash on G St & Pacific Highway Ends in InjuriesOver the past decade, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of rideshare vehicles on the road here in California. Rather than using public transportation are hailing for a cab, travelers who are in need of transportation simply request a ride using an application on their phones.

Lyft and Uber are two of the main rideshare companies that have greatly improved our transportation options across the United States. Unfortunately, these convenient services come with some complications.

Utilizing a rideshare vehicle requires you to entrust a complete stranger with your safety and well-being. Like other vehicles on the road, these motorists can be involved in car accidents. When this happens, it is a more complex situation than a typical vehicle accident. There are several parties who may be at fault for the resulting injuries. However, the cause of the crash will play a role in determining who you can take legal action against.

Like most vehicle accidents, rideshare drivers risk being involved in accidents. Individuals who drive for a living are at an even higher risk due to the fact that they spend long hours on the road. Some of the most common causes of rideshare accidents include:

  • Inexperience behind the wheel
  • Dangerous weather conditions
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Poorly maintained vehicles
  • Speeding
  • Ignoring traffic control devices
  • Driver fatigue
  • Driving in unfamiliar areas
  • Defective roadways
  • Defective vehicle parts

People who are injured in rideshare accidents in California might be able to recover compensation for the damages they sustain. Reaching out to a car accident lawyer in San Diego as soon as possible is critical when it comes to protecting your legal rights.

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