Contra Costa, CA – Highway 4 Crash near Marsh Creek Rd Leaves One Hurt

March 2, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Contra Costa, CA (March 1, 2023) – One person was transported to an area hospital with serious injuries following a car crash that took place in the Brentwood neighborhood of Contra Costa.

The accident was reported just after 950 a.m. on February 28.

California Highway Patrol troopers responded to the scene of the accident and secured several lanes of Highway 4. Preliminary crash investigations determined that a crash involving a white SUV and a second vehicle took place on the eastbound side of the highway. The incident blocks multiple lanes near Marsh Creek Road.

The impact of the collision sent the SUV careening off the roadway, where it came to rest in a ditch. The SUV then caught on fire.

One person suffered severe injuries as a result of the accident. The victim was rushed to a local hospital for emergency care.

California Highway Patrol troopers are actively investigating the collision.

Car Accidents in California

Contra Costa, CA – Highway 4 Crash near Marsh Creek Rd Leaves One HurtVictims of car accidents are often unaware of the legal options that they have moving forward. After suffering debilitating injuries in crashes, victims are often able to pursue personal injury claims against those who are responsible. A legal claim can help you recover compensation for medical costs, lost earnings, and a variety of other damages that you face.

In order to recover, you must be able to demonstrate the elements of negligence were present. This includes:

Duty: The driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident owed you a duty of care while operating their vehicles on the road. In general, all drivers are required to provide others sharing the road with the duty of care. This includes refraining from engaging in actions that cause them harm.

Breach: The defendant breached the duty of care by engaging in some action that caused you harm. This action could be operating their vehicle while impaired, using their phone while behind the wheel, or another reckless action.

Cause: The breach of the duty of care caused the crash to take place.

Damages: as a result of the accident, you’ve suffered injuries and damages. This can include the medical expenses you face for your injuries, the last wages you’ve suffered from having to take time off work to recover, and more.

Working with a Contra Costa car accident lawyer can provide you with the best chance of proving your case and getting the maximum compensation possible.

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