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Oakland, CA – Three-Vehicle Crash with Injuries Reported at 26th St & Broadway

March 2, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Oakland, CA (March 2, 2023) – On February 28, a car crash took place in the Waverly section of Oakland that ended in injuries. The accident was reported to the Oakland Police Department and firefighters at approximately 7:40 a.m.

Reports provided by the police show that three vehicles collided on 26 Street in the area of Broadway. At least one of the vehicles fled the scene of the accident.

Paramedics were notified that their assistance was needed on-site. The victims who had been injured were provided assistance by emergency medical services. At least one of the people involved was taken by ambulance to one of the area’s hospitals for additional medical attention.

The circumstances surrounding the accident are currently being investigated.

Car Accidents in California

Oakland, CA – Three-Vehicle Crash with Injuries Reported at 26th St & BroadwayEvery day, car crashes hospitalize hundreds of people across the state of California. Many of these accidents are a direct result of drivers who are reckless and negligent. Drivers who are speeding continue to account for a significant portion of the accidents that occur in our state. Not only does speeding increase the chance of an accident occurring, but it also increases the severity of injuries suffered by those involved.

Another common factor in car crashes across our state is drivers who run red lights. Passing a traffic control device at an intersection can have a devastating impact on others around. Lights and stop signs are provided to allow drivers to safely pass through an intersection without worrying about being hurt. When drivers fail to adhere to these devices, they can cause serious accidents that result in severe injuries.

Finally, a large portion of accidents that occur in California involve drunk or impaired drivers. Using drugs, drinking alcohol, or using another intoxicant before heading out on the road can have severe consequences. Having your ability to make responsible judgments while behind the wheel can prevent drivers from safely making it to their destinations.

Unfortunately, over 90 percent of accidents that occur in California are due to driver error. If you’ve been hurt as a result of the negligent or reckless actions of another motorist, you may be able to take legal action. Filing a personal injury claim with the assistance of a car accident lawyer in Oakland will provide you with the best chance of getting the compensation that you need and deserve.

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