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San Diego, CA – Scooter Crash on Catalina Blvd near Narragansett Ave Leaves Teen Injured

March 5, 2023

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

San Diego, CA (March 5, 2023) – On March 3, the San Diego Police Department responded to the scene of a crash involving a teen on a scooter that ended in injuries. At approximately 6:30 p.m., the police and firefighters were notified that a car crash took place on Catalina Boulevard.

Authorities arrived at the scene to determine that a 17-year-old boy was riding a scooter on the southbound side of Catalina Boulevard. As he was waiting to make a turn onto Narragansett Avenue, he was struck by a vehicle from behind.

The teen was severely hurt in the accident. He was rushed to an area hospital for emergency care. No other injuries were reported.

The circumstances surrounding the accident are currently being investigated by the San Diego Police Department.

Scooter Accidents in California

San Diego, CA – Scooter Crash on Catalina Blvd near Narragansett Ave Leaves Teen InjuredStudies provided by UCLA determined that 115 injuries were reported per 1 million E-scooter trips. These numbers far exceed the national average of injury rates for both passenger vehicles and bicycles. As more and more people can turn to scooters for transportation, accidents are becoming more frequent.

Like other types of pedestrians, people who are using scooters are more likely to suffer severe injuries during collisions. Riders have no protection, leaving them entirely vulnerable to the impact of cars.

In many instances, victims are left with severe trauma to the head, severe compound fractures, and injuries that are often considered life-threatening. The aftermath of a scooter accident can be incredibly devastating. Unfortunately, we see many people hurt as a result of these accidents caused by negligent drivers.

When drivers run red lights at intersections, pass through stop signs, or engage in other reckless actions, they place the lives of innocent travelers at risk of being harmed. If you have been hurt as a result of an accident due to the negligence or reckless actions of another driver, a San Diego scooter accident lawyer can help you protect your legal rights and get justice.

Following your accident, filing a personal injury claim can provide you with financial relief when it comes to covering your medical expenses, alleviating lost wages, and providing compensation for pain and suffering.

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