San Jose, CA – Ambulance Responds to Injury Crash on I-280 near 7th St

March 11, 2023

San Jose, CA – Ambulance Responds to Injury Crash on I-280 near 7th St

San Jose, CA (March 11, 2023) – At 3:54 p.m. on March 10, a motor vehicle accident took place in the San Jose area that resulted in injuries.

According to reports, a red Toyota Corolla was traveling on the northbound side of Interstate 280 during the afternoon hours. For unknown reasons, a truck traveling down the freeway crashed into the rear of the vehicle.

Authorities responded to the scene of the accident and blocked off the road just north of 7th Street.

EMS responded to the scene of the accident to provide treatment to the victims who suffered injuries. Those who required further care were transported to area hospitals.

The circumstances surrounding the accident are currently being investigated.

Car Accidents in California

San Jose, CA – Ambulance Responds to Injury Crash on I-280 near 7th StBeing hurt as a result of an automobile accident can forever change your life. Unfortunately, we see tens of thousands of people left with serious injuries following accidents in our state every year. Common injuries that car crash victims suffer from include:

  • Head injuries: When victims suffer injuries to the head, they often experience an array of devastating symptoms. These injuries can include facial trauma, head trauma, traumatic brain injuries, skull fractures, and even orbital bone fractures. These injuries can be incredibly painful and result in life-altering consequences.
  • Internal organ damage: Our bodily organs are critical. When one of them suffers injuries, it can have life-altering consequences. Victims who suffer from lung punctures, spleen ruptures, or even damaged kidneys can be forced to undergo surgery and be required to take medication indefinitely.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Injuries to the spine are often critical. Car crash victims who suffer from these injuries often experience some extent of paralysis. There are instances where patients are left permanently disabled due to the paralysis that is caused by these injuries. There are also many cases where people suffer incomplete spinal cord injuries and have to go through rehabilitation for years after their accidents.

Any type of serious accident can result in devastating injuries for those involved. These and other injuries are not only painful and debilitating but incredibly costly to treat. Trying to overcome the financial burdens in the aftermath of an accident can be incredibly difficult. Fortunately, crash victims often have legal options that they can exercise in order to recover financial compensation for some of the damages they face following their accidents.

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