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Los Angeles, CA – Bicyclist Hurt in Car Crash at N Eastern Ave & Valley Blvd

March 12, 2023

Los Angeles, CA – Bicyclist Hurt in Car Crash at N Eastern Ave & Valley Blvd

Los Angeles, CA (March 12, 2023) – On March 12, officers with the Los Angeles Police Department were notified that a crash took place in the El Sereno area that left one bicyclist injured.

At approximately 2:45 p.m., officials were notified that an automobile a little collision had occurred on Northeastern Avenue. Preliminary reports indicate that a bicyclist was struck by a vehicle on the roadway near Valley Boulevard.

Authorities arrived at the scene and located the bicyclist suffering from injuries. Paramedics went to work quickly on rendering aid to the victim. The bicyclist was then transported to a local hospital for further care.

The accident remains under investigation by LAPD at this time.

Bicycle Accidents in California

Los Angeles, CA – Bicyclist Hurt in Car Crash at N Eastern Ave & Valley Blvd

Statistics show that approximately 11,000 bicyclists are injured as a result of automobile accidents in the state of California every year. Unfortunately, these accidents are often caused by negligent and reckless drivers who are traveling nearby.

Dealing with the overwhelming consequences of a bicycle accident can be challenging. Not only do victims struggle to overcome painful physical and emotional injuries, but they often face towering financial consequences that make the recovery process more difficult.

After being hurt in a bicycle accident, victims are able to seek financial compensation by filing a personal injury claim against the responsible party. Some of the damages that victims can recover include:

  • Lost wages from being out of work: Most accidents require victims to take extensive time off work to recover from their injuries. In these cases, victims are able to recover compensation for the lost wages that they have endured. In addition, victims can seek compensation for their lost earning capacity if the accident left them permanently disabled.
  • Loss of consortium: A claim for loss of consortium is generally filed by the spouse or children of the injured victim. These damages can be provided to those who have been affected by an accident. This can include compensation for loss of companionship, loss of affection, or even loss of parental guidance.
  • Mental health treatment: It is incredibly common for victims to suffer mentally and emotionally in the aftermath of motor vehicle accidents. For this reason, our state enables crash victims to recover compensation to alleviate any mental health impacts that they have. This can include covering the cost of medication, mental health treatment, counseling, and more.

If you have been negatively affected by a motor vehicle accident, you must act quickly to take legal action. Although in California, victims have a period of up to two years from the date of their accident to take legal action, waiting can result in the loss of evidence, lots of witnesses, and the loss of other critical information that is needed to prove your case against the defendant.

At Wilshire Law Firm, you can trust that you will get the legal representation and justice you deserve. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to fighting for your rights and protecting your interests throughout every step of the claims process. We understand how stressful filing a personal injury lawsuit can be, which is why we strive to make it as easy as possible for our clients. To see how our fearless legal team can help you, contact our law firm at 800-358-1884 to schedule a free consultation to get started.