North Hills, CA – Multi-Vehicle Crash Reported on Parthenia St

March 13, 2023

North Hills, CA – Multi-Vehicle Collision with Injuries at Parthenia St

North Hills, CA (March 13, 2023) – The police and firefighters in North Hills were requested to provide help at the scene of a car crash involving multiple vehicles that ended with injuries.

At around 12:15 p.m. on March 12, calls for help were received regarding a crash on Parthenia Street.

Reports show that a gray sedan, a white sedan, and possibly a third vehicle all collided in the area of 16443 Parthenia Street. The vehicles came to rest on the side of the roadway. Due to the extent of damage, at least one vehicle had to be towed from the scene.

Firefighters immediately blocked off several lanes of the road as they provided assistance.

One ambulance was called to the scene of the accident to care for the injured victims and provide them with transportation to local hospitals.

The police department is currently conducting a crash investigation.

Car Crashes in California

North Hills, CA – Multi-Vehicle Collision with Injuries at Parthenia StCar crashes can leave you devastated. Most victims struggle to move forward. Unfortunately, we see hundreds of thousands of accidents occur on our roadways every year. People who are involved in these crashes are often left with serious injuries. Common injuries reported following automobile accidents include:

  • Severe trauma to the head.
  • Neck and soft tissue injuries.
  • Severe spinal cord injuries.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Internal organ injuries.

A serious injury from a motor vehicle accident can completely change your life. Countless victims are forced to go through extensive medical treatment. Many victims require emergency surgery and hospitalization. Dealing with the aftermath of an automobile collision can be incredibly difficult. Victims are often unable to return to work for several weeks or months after their accidents. Many victims face significant financial consequences related to their care costs, lost earnings, vehicle repair costs, and more.

In order to cope with some of the mental and financial consequences victims face, it only makes sense that they pursue legal action. After an automobile accident, a personal injury lawsuit can provide you with the compensation that you need to cover the damages resulting from your crash. In addition, a personal injury claim can help you hold the driver who caused your accident accountable.

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