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San Jose, CA – Traffic Collision with Injuries Reported on SR-85 near Almaden Expressway

March 14, 2023

San Jose, CA – Traffic Collision with Injuries Reported on SR-85 near Almaden Expressway

San Jose, CA (March 14, 2023) – On March 13, the California Highway Patrol troopers out of District 4 were requested at the scene of an automobile collision that ended in injuries in the San Jose area.

The accident was reported just before 5:20 p.m.

California Highway Patrol records indicate that a red Toyota Camry and a black Honda four-door sedan collided on the northbound side of California State Route 85. Authorities arrived at the scene and located the vehicles blocking multiple lanes of travel.

Highway Patrol arrived at the scene and closed off the roadway near the off-ramp for Almaden Expressway. Crews worked quickly to remove the damaged vehicles and tend to the injured victims. At least one person involved in the crash was transported to a local hospital, where they underwent treatment for injuries.

The accident remains under investigation at this time.

Car Accidents in California

San Jose, CA – Traffic Collision with Injuries Reported on SR-85 near Almaden ExpresswayEvery day, devastating automobile accidents are reported in California. In fact, hundreds of people are hospitalized every single day due to vehicle collisions across our state. Here in the San Jose area, we see countless victims suffer severe spinal cord injuries, skull fractures, soft tissue injuries, and even severe seatbelt injuries following motor vehicle accidents on our roads.

In most cases, these accidents take place due to drivers who are negligent. Drivers who fail to operate their vehicles in a manner that is safe for everyone around them continue to cause harm day after day to innocent people. Victims who are wronged by negligent drivers often have legal options that can help them move forward.

After a car crash, injured victims can seek compensation from the responsible parties by filing personal injury cases. These claims are designed to provide victims with the financial relief that they need for all of the damages resulting from their accidents. To file a claim successfully, a victim will need to demonstrate that the negligent actions of another driver were the cause of the crash. This is done by demonstrating the four elements of negligence existed. These include:

  • Duty: The driver owed you a duty of care while operating their vehicle on the road nearby.
  • Breach: The driver performed an act that breached the duty.
  • Cause: The breach was the cause of your crash.
  • Damages: The crash cost you economic and non-economic damages.

Approving these elements with success will help you get the money that you need for your medical expenses and a variety of other damages.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we will do everything in our power to secure the compensation you deserve for your car accident injuries. Our knowledgeable and dedicated California personal injury lawyers have received several awards and accolades in recognition of their dedication to legal excellence and superior client service. We understand how devastating car crashes can be, which is why we aggressively fight on behalf of all our clients to ensure that they receive a fair outcome following their accidents. If you or someone you love has been involved in an auto accident due to another’s negligence, please call us at 800-358-1884 today for a free consultation so we can discuss your rights and the options that are available.