Sacramento, CA – Traffic Collision with Injuries Reported on Lambert St

March 15, 2023

Sacramento, CA – Traffic Collision with Injuries Reported on Lambert St

Sacramento, CA (March 15, 2023) – Authorities responded to the scene of a crash in South Sacramento that left at least one person injured. The accident was reported to officials just after 5:15 p.m. on March 13.

Reports provided by California Highway Patrol troopers in District 3 show that a collision took place on Lambert Road during the early evening hours. The incident prompted troopers with the California Highway Patrol to shut down multiple lanes of the road with the assistance of firefighters.

Two vehicles were towed from the scene of the accident by Mach One Tow. First responders remained at the scene extensively as they worked to clear the road.

Paramedics treated victims on-site before transporting them to local hospitals for further care.

The traffic collision is currently being investigated.

Car Accidents in California

Sacramento, CA – Traffic Collision with Injuries Reported on Lambert StBeing hurt in a car crash can have an overwhelming impact on your life almost immediately. Victims of crashes often have to go through extensive medical treatment. Many victims have to take significant time off work to recover. Unfortunately, you just do not have the ability to prepare for the impact that an automobile accident will have on your life.

Unfortunately, car crash victims are often left with serious injuries that impact their lives forever. We see countless victims left with spinal cord injuries that leave them permanently disabled and paralyzed. We see other victims left with traumatic brain injuries that impact their ability to make decisions and their balance. Many victims suffer from severe compound fractures, which often require surgery and extensive care.

Regrettably, victims who are left with these and other severe injuries as a result of automobile accidents often have to go through significant medical treatment. Dealing with the aftermath of an automobile accident can be incredibly time-consuming and costly. To help alleviate some of the financial strains that you face in the aftermath of the crash, it is crucial that you take legal action. Filing a personal injury claim can provide you with the money that he’s necessary to cover the cost of medical care, repairs for your vehicle, and more. Taking timely legal action after your crash will provide you with the best chance of getting justice.

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