Robert Smith, Esq.

Senior Attorney


Senior Attorney Robert Smith’s empathy is a defining characteristic of his career–he attributes much of his success as a personal injury attorney to his ability to care for others. A seasoned attorney responsible for seeing over 20 trials to verdict, Robert helps clients navigate a wide range of personal injury disputes:

“My clients know they can contact me, and I’ll return their calls or emails. Helping my clients get a just outcome in their cases brings me the most joy as an attorney.”

After passing the Bar Exam in Nevada and California, Robert worked for the largest insurance defense law firm in Nevada, representing some of the most well-known providers in the U.S. His work as a defense attorney in the insurance industry had an impact on him.

“I saw first-hand the dirty tactics insurance companies used to diminish or deny the claims of injured individuals.”

The experience inspired him to adjust his career trajectory. In 2020, he made a choice: “I committed myself to only helping injured individuals for the rest of my career.” Now, he helps plaintiffs defend their rights against insurance providers.

Robert’s time as a defense attorney helps him fight for the best outcome in personal injury disputes. He knows what tactics providers use to get plaintiffs to settle for less than they deserve. He knows the experts they bring in to try and discredit them. Robert’s knowledge of defense-side tactics allows him to identify and address potential issues before the opposition has a chance to capitalize on them.

Recently, Robert worked on an accidental shooting case. Multiple firms turned the case down, telling the victim’s family it wasn’t worth it. Robert was able to secure a substantial settlement for the family and have social media recordings of the event taken down, ensuring that the victim’s children receive the resources they need to thrive and are protected from footage of the event. The attention to detail and commitment to justice Robert brings to plaintiff cases makes him a powerful advocate for injured parties who need justice.

In his free time, Robert enjoys traveling with his family. His favorite recent trip was a journey to Prague in 2018, where he got to experience the architecture and history of the city – something he appreciated as a former history teacher.

As a Senior Attorney here at Wilshire Law Firm, Robert continues to make good on his promise to provide injured clients with the advocacy, compensation, and care they deserve. We’re excited to celebrate his success as he advances an already-impressive career in law.


  • Worked with the largest insurance defense firm in Nevada
  • First or Second Chaired 20 Jury Trials to Verdict
  • Leverages experience to help plaintiffs seek the compensation and justice they deserve from insurance providers
  • Member of prestigious legal organizations including CAALA, CAOC, OCTLA, and the NJA
  • Utilizes unique defense-side experience to bring plaintiffs justice in person



  • State Bar of California
  • State Bar of Nevada
  • Federal Court of California
  • Federal Court of Arizona
  • Federal Court of Nevada


  • B.A., California State University at Sacramento
  • Master’s Degree/California Teaching Credential, CSU Sacramento,
  • J.D., University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law (Traynor Honor Society Member)



Speaking Engagements

  • ABC News Story on wrongful death case at California shooting range.



  • $1,100,000 – Wrongful Death
  • $750,000 – Slip and Fall
  • $375,000 – Assault and Battery
  • $300,000 – Underinsured/Uninsured Claim
  • $250,000 – Underinsured/Uninsured Claim
  • $250,000 – Automobile Accident
  • First or Second Chaired 20 cases to verdict