Shervin Ghanoongooi

Shervin G. Ghanoongooi, Esq.

Supervising Attorney


As a Supervising Pre-Litigation Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm, Shervin G. Ghanoongooi, Esq., helps clients pursue the compensation they deserve. Shervin works with clients engaged in catastrophic injury cases. As an attorney for personal injury disputes, Shervin has dedicated his career to helping those wronged by corporations and the negligence of others receive the care, compassion, and counsel they deserve. Shervin’s experience has enabled him to handle six, seven, and even eight-figure cases, illustrating his ability to help clients navigate complex cases.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing the light in a client’s eyes when they realize they now have a future, after thinking it was taken away by someone else’s negligence.

Today, Shervin serves on the Executive Board of a number of 503© non-profits. Participating in philanthropy is a tradition for Shervin – while obtaining his Juris Doctor from the University of West Los Angeles, he dedicated over 200 hours to helping families obtain accommodations for special needs children. He also served on the executive board of the longest-running volunteer tutorial project at the University of California in West Los Angeles. Shervin’s desire to ensure those in need receive the care and resources they deserve acts as the foundation of his personal life, his career, and makes him a powerful asset in any case.


  • Experienced class action and catastrophic injury attorney.
  • Member of prestigious legal organizations such as CAALA and LACBA.
  • Dedicated to helping clients in challenging situations receive the compensation they deserve.
  • History of philanthropic work in communities and with institutions.



  • B.A., The University of California at Los Angeles, 2011
  • J.D., University of West Los Angeles, 2019


Professional Affiliations:

Awards & Recognitions

  • Witkin Award for Academic Excellence in Pre-Trial Litigation and Procedure – Witkin Legal Institute