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Skin Care for Amputees

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Preventing Skin Disorders after Amputation

Longtime amputees know that skin care is always important. Since the residual limb is not designed to bear weight, the surrounding skin is very sensitive to the pressures and friction of everyday activities. Prosthesis can chafe and irritate, leading to ulcers, skin swelling, cysts, calluses, excessive skin cell production, and other discomforting conditions. For those who lead active lifestyles, the only way to prevent such skin disorders is to include skin care as an essential part of your daily hygiene regime.

  1. Clean the residual limb using a mild, non-perfumed soap every day. Rinse well and dry thoroughly with a clean soft towel afterwards.
  2. Moisturize – again using a non-perfumed product – but don’t leave any creamy residues, for they can be a source of irritation.
  3. Keep well hydrated. Avoid caffeinated beverages (water is best!).
  4. Always perform a quick check of the residual limb before and after using the prosthesis. This will help you prevent major skin breakdowns before they start.
  5. Perform extra checks on areas with skin grafts. Skin grafts have very little sensation, making it harder to detect skin problems.
  6. It’s best to not shave. The hair acts as a protective layer. Also hair follicles and ingrown hairs can cause irritation.
  7. Know the signs of infection: redness, swelling, warmth, pain, drainage, discharge, etc. If you develop a skin condition, seek a prosthetic review as soon as you can.
  8. If you do develop a condition, stay off the prosthesis. Take it easy and relax as much as you can. This will help the healing process.
  9. Protect the residual limb from sun exposure. The skin will burn and blister if you don’t.
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