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5 Things NOT to Do After a Bike Ride

bicycle accident

Avoid These Behaviors Says Our Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyer

After a bike ride, it is very tempting to just sit down and perhaps scroll through your social media accounts, check your email, or simply do hundreds of other things that you normally do on a daily basis. This might seem harmless, but did you know that you could be missing out on the key elements of a good workout and a proper recovery? Below are five of the most common mistakes committed by cyclists after a bike ride. Stay away from them as much as you can after your ride; finish your bicycle ride right.

  1. Stopping short

If your final run finishes right at your doorstep, then you are missing an important element of your workout. Having some sort of a cool down process before eventually coming to complete rest is very crucial for your body’s post-workout recovery. According to Michael Ross – a board certified, non-surgical sports medicine physician – the function of the cool down process is to allow your body muscles to move without any sort of resistance, which assists in clearing metabolic byproducts like lactic acid from the muscles. If the cooling process is skipped, not only are you allowing lactic acid to build up in your muscles, but you also risk blood pooling in your legs, which could make you feel dizzy.

  1. Neglecting your gear

After a ride, particularly if the weather was bad, take a minute or two to assess your bicycle. If it is dusty, wipe it down; this will only take 30 seconds. If it is muddy, give it a full clean so that it is ready for the next ride. Once the bike – particularly the chain – dries, it gets a lot more difficult to clean.

  1. Filling up on junk
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If you properly fuel up your body before a ride, then you should not be famished after you are done. Many cyclists tend to under-eat before a bike ride (which might seem like a good way of losing a few pounds), but this, however, leads to over-eating after the ride. Lots of individuals tend to go for fatty foods as soon as they are done riding. After a ride, you should settle for healthier options; carbohydrates restore muscle glycogen and protein repairs muscle tissue.

  1. Not stretching

As a cyclist, you are in a hunched posture all throughout your ride. If you skip post-workout stretches, this could eventually hurt you. Mobility and flexibility are crucial for all athletes. Spend some time before and after every ride just to stretch your shoulders and legs. Additionally, stretching will also ensure that proper and even blood flow is maintained.

  1. Getting too comfortable in your cycling kit

After a ride, it is very easy to walk into your house and check your emails, make a smoothie, return a missed call, or just lay down to relax a bit. By the time you finally decide to take a shower, you possibly will have marinated in your kit for way too long. This could result in saddle sores infection or even sickness if you are in a tough training block and your immune system is working hard already. Do yourself a favor and hit the shower immediately after your bike ride.

It is important for every cyclist to avoid these common habits after a bike ride. Complete your ride the proper way.

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If you or someone you love gets involved in a bike accident caused by a careless driver, you should seek out the help of a bicycle accident lawyer. You might be entitled to some compensation in the form of money for the damages incurred. Getting a bicycle accident lawyer will greatly increase your odds of getting fully compensated. Contact us for a skilled and experienced bicycle accident lawyer who will ensure that your rights are protected.

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