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5 Tips for Biking in the Rain

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Biking in the Rain

As a dedicated cyclist, you’re down to bike whenever – rain or shine, it doesn’t matter. That spirited attitude is great, as long as you take the proper cautionary measures. The rules change when the roads are wet. And you’ll have to do more than just put on a rain cape if you want to stay upright and off the pavement. The following tips may involve a little more effort, but they will help you ensure that your ride is completed without incident:

  • Give your bicycle a thorough inspection. Even if your bike seems to be working well, it’s always a good idea to inspect your bike’s most critical parts before your ride. The brakes should be in tiptop condition because you will need optimal braking power to stop on wet roads. Also make sure your wheels are locked in tight. If they pop off at an inopportune moment, you could get seriously hurt, or worse, killed.
  • Go slower than usual. When the conditions are wet, your tires have less traction, meaning you will need more time to stop or slow down. If you want to avoid skidding out, lower your speed by about 75 percent. This way, you’ll have more time to correct any traction issues.
  • Brake early and brake straight. When tires, brake pads, and rims all get wet, it takes a few extra tire revolutions before the brakes can grip the rim. Take this delay into account and brake accordingly. Also, keep in mind that brakes work best when you’re riding in a straight line. In other words, try to make a habit of braking before turning.
  • Turn slower and wider at corners. Sudden sharp turns may cause your bicycle to skid out.
  • If you skid, don’t panic. If your back wheel starts to skid and slide, just let off the brake and look straight ahead. Your bike will straighten itself out.
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