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Bad Cycling Habits That Will Wear Your Bike Out

bicycle maintenance

Better Cycling Behavior Will Reduce Your Accident Risk

Bicycles are becoming popular as a desired mode of transport. This is because they are not only cheaper to maintain but also environment-friendly. Many people also think of cycling as a good way to exercise and explore their cities. However, to have the most fun with your bike, there is a need for you to maintain it. For without sufficient maintenance, you run the risk of getting involved in an accident or crashing your bike. Apart from maintaining your bike, there are some bad habits you should avoid. By maintaining your bike and keeping away from bad biking habits, your bike will last longer, and you will save hundreds of dollars that you could have had to pay to get your bike fixed.

Before we get to the bad habits, you should know that bicycle accident attorneys exist to help people like you. If you get injured in bicycle accident, call us and we will assign one of our dedicated, top 1% attorneys to help you with your case.

Without further ado, here are five bad habits that will wear out your bike:

  1. Not wiping your brake pads and rims: If you have a bike with rim brakes, you should always give the inside of the brakes and the rim a quick rub with a clean rag after every ride. This is because when dirt accumulates on the rim, it will considerably reduce your braking power. Also, when stones get stuck on your brakes, they will start wearing down your rims every time you use the brakes.
  2. Not sufficiently oiling the moving parts: If you are no longer enjoying your bike rides, most of the time the cause is a lack of lubrication. By not oiling the moving parts, you will make peddling harder and riding difficult. Lack of lubrication could also promote rust on your chain and gears.
  3. Leaving your bike outside: When you leave your bike outside, it will be exposed to morning dew, snow or drizzle that will make it and its components rust. Get yourself a few storage hooks and you will be able to store your bike easily in the garage.
  4. Underinflating or overinflating your bicycle tires: Before you take a ride on your bike, you should always check your tire pressure. Constantly riding with an underinflated tire will wear out your tire. Overinflating will reduce stability as it will decrease the amount of contact with the ground. This is dangerous especially on slippery or muddy grounds where more stability is required.
  5. Cross chaining: Riding your bike with your chain on the big cog at the back and at the front will put a lot of strain on your chain and cause it to wear or slip. It is also a waste of physical energy as it will require a lot of power to peddle your bike in that position.

As you can see, most of these bad habits are quite common among cyclists. The good news, however, is that you can avoid them easily. Getting to know the harm caused by these habits and many others will serve as sufficient motivation to you and your biker friends to stop these habits.

Biking is fun! However, bicyclists are exposed to more danger than motorists on our roads due to the fact that they are not as protected as car drivers. If you, unfortunately, get involved in an accident, call us and we will assign to you one of our skilled bicycle accident attorneys to help you with your case! If it is established that a car driver or any other person or organization’s negligence contributed to the accident, then you will be entitled to compensation for any damages suffered!

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