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Best Bike Trails in Orange County

Best Places to Bike in Orange County

Whether you’re a beginner bicyclist in need of an easy yet fun route, or a veteran rider looking for a hardcore workout, Orange County has something for you. These trails, which range from amateur to expert level, offer fitness challenges for any cyclist, and gorgeous natural scenery to boot! Take advantage of the perfect SoCal weather while summer’s still around and bring your two-wheeler to any of following trails to enjoy a guaranteed great ride.

Newport Back Bay

This scenic loop in the Newport Back Bay area extends for eight miles and is a treat for the whole family. Take in breathtaking views of the bay or make a stop at one of several turnouts scattered along the path to go bird-watching. Once you reach the turnaround point at Newport Harbor, you can watch kayakers, paddle boarders, and yachts sail across the beautiful blue water. Most of the ride is gradual, save for one short, steep hill, which can be walked if necessary.

Between Two Parks

In Irvine, cyclists can enjoy a relatively leisurely ride on the 7.8 mile loop between Meadowood Park and Harvard Athletic Park. Aside from road underpasses, the trail is relatively flat with only about a 200-foot elevation, and goes along a creek bed where you can view ducks and other birds in the wild. It’s perfect for an active family daycation.

San Onofre Campgrounds

This 23-mile loop makes for a more challenging intermediate ride. It begins in beautiful San Clemente, goes parallel to the 5 Freeway on old Highway 101, and loops back. Along the way, riders can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Pacific without having to worry about traffic. Just be advised that strong winds are prevalent in this area and may work for you or against you in your ride.

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Como Street

Every Sunday at 8 a.m., advanced riders meet at the Tustin Marketplace to embark on a simulated road race that loops around the Whiting Ranch Wildness Park and Limestone Canyon Regional Park for a distance of 33 miles. There are plenty of inclines and fast declines along the way, and an average pace of 20 miles per hour. Needless to say, this is not a ride for beginners.

This guide is brought to you by the personal injury attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm. We are dedicated to defending the rights of cyclists throughout California. If you have been in a bicycle accident caused by another party, please don’t hesitate to contact our offices for immediate legal assistance.

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