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Best Breakfast Diet for Cyclists

cyclist diet

WLF Bicycle Accident Attorney Gives Advice

 Cycling requires energy and stamina. You need a lot of muscle power to pedal for long hours without exhausting or hurting yourself. The source of all that power is carbohydrates, which is broken down and stored as glycogen in your liver and muscles. Since our body can store only a small amount of carbohydrates at time, it is very important for cyclists to eat carbohydrate-rich foods before going on a long ride.

But carbohydrates cannot fulfill all the needs of your body. You will also need to consume foods containing proteins to help grow and repair your muscles, polysaturated fats to reduce muscle damages and inflammations, and vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy, repair injured cells and fight diseases. For this reason, your breakfast should consist of foods containing all of these nutrients.

Since a lot of cycling and working out is done between breakfast and lunch, you need to fuel yourself properly for the ride ahead by eating the right breakfast. A good breakfast also keeps you out of harm’s way, as any experience bicycle accident attorney can tell you. So here are some of the best breakfast diets for cyclists.

  • Breakfast for slow to moderate rides

If you are going for a slow to moderate ride in the morning, then you do not need to pack yourself to the brim with energy. Since you will be riding for two to three hours at the most, a breakfast containing between 200 and 300 calories will suffice. A slice of high-fiber toast with nut butter, a scrambled egg, some vegetables and some mixed berries should provide you with enough energy to last until lunch. Alternatively, you can try oatmeal with fruit. While high-fiber toast and oatmeal are rich in carbs that give you the energy you need; eggs provide protein and minerals, and vegetables and fruits provide the vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy.

  • Breakfast for a hard ride
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If you are going on a hard ride that demands a lot of muscle power and endurance, then you need to pack yourself with energy. A challenging route can take you over miles and miles of road that goes through all kinds of terrains. You may have to climb hills and ride over untarred roads. You may even have to get off your bike and carry it. To store the energy, you will need to consume 400-600 calories two to three hours before starting. A breakfast made of oatmeal, a high-fiber toast with nut butter, an egg and a glass of orange juice should provide you with sufficient energy for the ride until lunch. Alternatively, you can try two pancakes, a scrambled egg, a cup of yogurt and some berries. Oatmeal, toast and pancakes are packed with carbs while eggs, fruit and juice are packed with the proteins and vitamins that your body needs.

  • Breakfast for a long ride

If you are going on a ride that will last the entire day, then you will need to eat foods that release energy slowly so that you can continue riding without getting tired and without your muscles becoming fatigued. Whole grains are good at releasing energy slowly over a period of time. Therefore, your breakfast should include oatmeal, potatoes, milk, banana, berries and salsa. If it looks like it’s going to be a sunny day, then add water-dense fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumber to keep your body hydrated, and anti-inflammatory foods like walnuts and berries to help alleviate soreness.

Of course, you won’t be riding every day of the week. If you are going to spend your morning working out to build your muscles or strengthen your core, then you should follow a similar meal plan. For light to moderate exercise, you can have a breakfast similar to breakfast for slow to moderate ride. For a core strengthening workout, your breakfast should be similar to the breakfast for hard ride.

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Bicycles accidents occur with alarming frequency on America’s road and highways. If you are injured in the course of cycling, get in touch with a bicycle accident attorney immediately to explore your legal options.

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