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Bicycle Accident Caught on GoPro

Bicycle Accident: Right Hook

This cyclists captures a dangerous moment on his GoPro camera. He crashes due to what’s called a right hook. A right hook is when a vehicle turns right without yielding to the bike in that lane. Right hooks are the most common fatality for cyclists and is easy to avoid.

Make sure to never assume that a car can see you and won’t hit you, and never try to go around a car on the right side. Also make sure to stay clear of blind spots that can cause the driver to become unaware you are behind them.

This guy was lucky to walk away from this accident with no injuries and alive.

California Bicycle Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident the bicycle accident lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm can help you out. They have the experience you need, to achieve maximum reults for your case. .

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