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Cyclist Hit and Dragged

Bicycle Accident on the News

The Huffington Post wrote an article: Cyclist, Gets Stuck In Car Windshield; Driver Doesn’t Notice: Cops. Does the title of this article sound hard to believe?  Believe it or not this type of thing isn’t uncommon.

Cyclists Struck by Drivers

The problem is that often times drivers don’t get prosecuted for injuring cyclists. Bike crashes often don’t produce enough evidence and many times jurors aren’t sympathetic of cyclists.

As more and more people choose alternative transportation methods like cycling, there may be more prosecutions against drivers, but until then cyclists in California have a long road ahead of them until true equality on the road is achieved.

Bicycle Injury Lawyers – Wilshire Law Firm

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, read about bicycle accident law on our bicycle accident lawyers page.

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