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How to Carry More Stuff on Your Bike

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Some Tips from Our Knowledgeable Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycles are a great transportation tool. The more we continue integrating them into our daily lives, a bike’s ability to carry luggage of different sizes becomes increasingly important as well. Cycling while carrying some of your luggage with you can be very challenging. Without proper bike handling techniques, one might end up losing control of their bicycle and eventually fall. With that in mind, it is crucial for cyclists to be familiar with some of the proper and safe ways of carrying their stuff with them while cycling. For more information on how to carry more stuff on your bicycle, read on.

A front basket

Baskets are very cheap. The low-priced straw or plastic ones are somewhat light in weight, but the costly metallic ones installed by a mechanic tend to be a bit heavy.

It is not advisable to put heavy items in the front basket because your steering will get weighted. This implies that any time you turn the steering, you will also be moving the weight of the luggage around. Instead, only carry light items in the front basket.

A rear rack

The rear rack is most likely one of the handiest bicycle accessories ever created. There are two different ways you could use your rear rack; you can either strap your luggage directly onto it, or you can attach a basket onto it where you will place your luggage. Ensure that the basket is attached far enough from the bicycle seat in order for you to have sufficient room to sit. The rear basket allows for fairly heavy items such as grocery bags or even your backpack to be easily carried around.

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Panniers have a substantial price range; ranging from the very cheap to the very costly. On the lower end are second-hand cloth panniers and simple plastic panniers, whereas Ortlieb panniers lie on the very expensive end. Some of the extra beneficial features that cause the difference in prices include bright colors, waterproof material, reflective patches, lifetime guarantees, little pockets for your supplies, and over the shoulder straps intended for easy carrying.

Panniers hang onto your rack’s side and hook below to prevent any swinging. Due to the fact that panniers are somewhat low on the bike, you could put lots of weight in them. However, just bear in mind that the more the weight carried by the pannier, the more imbalanced your bicycle will feel.

Bicycle trailers

Just like panniers, bicycle trailers also have a considerable price range. Cloth trailers, one of the least expensive kinds, are able to carry tons of weight and more groceries than you could likely purchase in a single trip. However, bike trailers are not really strong enough for furniture. Additionally, if the trailer is not intended for children, do not carry your child in it. Trailers intended for children often come with seats and seatbelts and tend to be a bit costly.

For heavy luggage, there are cargo trailers. These trailers have very strong bottoms and are quite costly. Some trailers feature a special hitch for attachment to your seat post while there are those bike trailers that can quickly be attached to any bike without any tools.

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Carrying your luggage with you while cycling is now easier than ever!

However, while cycling on the road, you ought to be very careful. Beware of other road users such as drivers. In case you, unfortunately, suffer injuries in an accident caused by a reckless driver, you should seek out the services of a skilled bicycle accident lawyer. You might be entitled to some compensation in the form of money for the damages suffered, and having a good bicycle accident lawyer by your side will go a long way in making sure that you get the compensation you deserve. Do not hesitate to contact us when in search of an experienced and skilled bicycle accident lawyer to present a strong case on your behalf.

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