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How These Cities Are Growing Their Bicycle Communities and Doing It Safely

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These Cities Are Successfully Fighting Bicycle Accidents

More and more cities throughout the country are making their streets and roads more bicycle-friendly. Though we are a long way off from becoming the most bicycle-friendly country in the world, the efforts and the successes of these cities are already inspiring other city and town councils to make necessary changes to make their cities and towns safer for cyclists.

But before we get to the bicycle-friendly cities, a word about safety. Most people who wish to ride their bikes to work do not do so because they are worried about how safe they will be on our roads. This is a genuine concern – after all, it is a fact that as a cyclist you will not be as protected as you would be in a car in case of an accident. Though a good bicycle accident attorney can help you get maximum compensation, once you are involved in a bicycle accident, it will be difficult for you to enjoy cycling as you did before. Still, even though the dangers of cycling are real, the following cities have made huge progress in making their streets and neighborhoods safer for cyclists:

  1. Philadelphia: This city has one of the most active biking populations in the country. Philadelphia has more than 440 miles of dedicated bike lanes, and a significant percentage of its residents use bikes as one of their main forms of transportation. The city has also improved awareness among its road users about the need to appreciate bicyclists as individuals who also deserve to share the city’s roads. This has helped to reduce bike accidents and fatalities in the city.
  2. Austin: The capital of Texas is leading by example in the state. The city’s Transportation division has built miles and miles of protected bike paths. These paths have not only made it easier cyclists to get around town easily but also made it safer for them to be out riding their bikes.
  3. Tucson: This is one of the most livable cities in the country if you ask me. It has the architecture, and that laid back lifestyle that many people yearn for. There are dozens of protected bike lanes in Tucson. There are also dozens of bicycle parking spots around the city, especially in downtown Tucson. This has made bicycling safer and encouraged more people to get bikes. Quite a number of businesses in the city are also giving discounts customers who cycle instead of driving to their locations.
  4. Denver: Denver is Colorado’s most bikeable It has a city-wide bicycle track with some 20 miles of bike lanes in the city and 84 miles of paved biking trails connecting the city center to most of its popular addresses. There are more than six hundred parking spaces, and both its bus and light rail systems have made provisions for bike transport.
  5. Atlanta: Through the introduction of cycle tracks (bicycle-only lanes), Atlanta is making big strides in improving its bicycle community. The city officials, led by the chair of their Urban Design Commission, are looking to enhance the city’s biking infrastructure by working with and around existing infrastructure and by making sure that the current track and the future tracks have logical termini neighborhoods, schools, and parks.
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If you, unfortunately, get involved in a bicycle accident anywhere in California then call us, and we will assign you a skilled bicycle accident attorney to help you with your case.

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