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How a Properly Fitted Bike Can Make a Huge Difference in Riding

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Bicycle Accident Lawyers Agree Fit Is Important

Riding a bike for whichever amount of time requires a bit of effort, and a lot of stress is placed upon your body in order to propel the bicycle forward and maintain its position. It is for this reason that having your bike properly fitted is of great significance to your riding experience.  If you are not properly set up on your bike, particularly if you are riding long distances, you are at great risk of developing certain injuries.

To ensure that bikes can be fitted to suit different cyclists, bike manufacturers utilize adjustable parts in the production of bikes. A well-trained bike fitter is aware of the necessary adjustments that ought to be made to each of the components so that you and your bike can truly become one.

So how can a properly fitted bike impact your riding? Here’s how:

  • Enhanced comfort and reduced likelihood of sustaining injuries: A thorough and proper bike fitting considers your personal biomechanics and ensures that your muscles and joints are supported in biomechanically “friendly” and neutral positions. This results in increased comfort and lower chances of muscle imbalances and injuries.
  • Advanced riding technique: Quite a few of us learned how to ride a bicycle beyond balancing while pedaling. Just like any other sport, cycling is technique-based, and the better your technique is, the more comfortable it is to cycle. A well-fitted bike can assist you in learning advanced riding techniques quicker (techniques that might take might riders years to learn). A well-fitted bike will also help you avoid developing some bad riding Basically, better bicycle fit assists cyclist of all levels to acquire better insight into how their body and bike interact.
  • Enhanced performance: If your body is set in a posture that supports a full range of muscle engagement as well as balanced muscle recruitment, the results are better endurance and increased power.
  • Peace of mind: If you fall into the minority that are already riding in the proper and required position, apart from the improved riding techniques, a professional bike fitting also provides you with the confidence and peace of mind you need while riding just by giving you an assurance that your body position is “right.”
  • Money savings and better equipment selection: A lot of individuals purchase their cycling products just based on popular brand names or what is used by most of their friends. This could cost you a lot; you might end up with a very expensive bicycle that you will not even want to ride that much. A proper bike fitting, on the other hand, helps you get a bike that is well suited for you and could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Proper bike fitting not only assists you in getting proper products that meet your needs now but also helps you make your purchase with confidence of the future.
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From the above, the benefits of proper bike fitting to any rider are undisputable. Bike fitting allows you to protect your body from repetitive use injuries; however, there are still reckless drivers to consider. If you sustain any injuries from such a driver, contact us as soon as possible, and we will assign one of our skilled bicycle accident lawyers to look into your case. There are a lot of bicycle accident lawyers available in Los Angeles but getting the right one to represent you is not easy. If you want high quality legal representation, what you need is one of our bicycle accident lawyers by your side.

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