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The Latest Technology in Bicycle Gear

bicycle technology

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While bicycles have basically remained the same structure-wise, new and innovative bicycle gear and equipment flood the market every year. Many of them become nothing more than fads, but a few are destined to pass the test of time and become standard features. Here are 10 of the latest – and most innovative – cycling innovations that are worth your notice:

  1. Foldable helmet

Helmets save lives, yet many people ride without them because they can be bulky and inconvenient to lug around. A company called Closca has addressed this issue by introducing a foldable helmet. This helmet is made of three concentric rings that collapse when you give it a little push, making it company and easy to carry.

  1. Solid Tire

Flat tires are a problem bicycle riders face frequently. A Korean manufacturer called Tannus has developed a solid tire that is immune to punctures and can be easily mounted on standard clincher rims. It weighs about the same as the standard tube-tire-rim combination.

  1. Bike-mounted GPS

GPS has been available to cyclists for a while. But a new GPS called Hammerhead can be mounted on the bike and doesn’t require headphones for disembodied voice directions. Neither does it rely on text. Instead, it works in combination with a smartphone app and makes use of an array of light signals to indicate direction. Riders can also use established apps like MapMyRide and Strava for routes.

  1. A true bike seat for kids

Bike seat attachments for kids are nothing new, but most of them are meant for babies. An innovative new seat attachment called Tyke Toter is made for kids 2 to 6 years old. It attaches to the front seatpost, allowing your kid to sit up front instead of behind your back. Install this attachment on your bike and your kids will be able to enjoy the view with you.

  1. Helmet with a retractable visor
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Motorcyclists have been using helmets with retractable visor for a long time. Cyclists have also finally got their own retractable visor helmet. The Abus In-Vizz helmet has a lens that slides up into the helmet, giving cyclists more flexibility.

  1. A fender that can be rolled up

Traditional fenders are heavy and inflexible and add weight to your bike. But there is a new fender called Musguard which is light and can be rolled up for easy storage when not in use. You will not need any tools to attach or take it off. It comes in 14 different colors, allowing you to add that personal touch.

  1. Gloves that glow when turning

Cyclists often have to give a signal with their hands when turning. Zackees has developed gloves that also act as turn signals. The Turn Signal Gloves, as they have been (simply) named, have a 54-lumen arrow on the back of each rider’s hand. When the rider pinches the inside of his thumb against his index finger, the arrow glows. The gloves run on coin cell batteries and are washable.

  1. An innovative bike computer

SmartHalo, an innovative piece of bicycle gear, does everything that a bike computer does, but in a much more user-friendly way. As its name suggests, it uses a glowing halo of LEDs to show your speed, location, and when and where to turn. When parked, it works as a locater and at night it turns into a 250-lumen headlight. But that’s not all. It can also handle calls, messages and other notifications using an app.

  1. Smart Speedometer
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Speedometers are nothing new for bicycles, but the Omata One Speedometer is different. It has a built-in GPS component that records the bicycle’s speed and distance on a digital route, which can be uploaded to Strava or other fitness tracking platforms.

  1. Smart Bell

Developed by Shoka, the Smart Bell is a bicycle bell that comes with 8 different digital tones and an automatic light that adjusts its brightness according to the surroundings. It also features a tracker that shows the turn-by-turn directions using lights located on the top panel. If anyone moves your bike when it is parked, it blinks and rings within a radius of 250 meters.

Despite all the latest gears, bicycle accidents can still happen. If you have been injured in a collision with a vehicle, you should talk to a bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

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