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Three Big DON’Ts for CicLAvia

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What Not to Do for CicLAvia

CicLAvia – Culver City Meets Venice takes play this Sunday, August 9, from 9 a.m. to 4.pm. Bicyclists, pedestrians, skaters, and what-have-you will be able to enjoy a six mile stretch of car-free streets. If you’ve got a set of wheels, or just want to enjoy a free, fun, family-friendly festival out in the sun, we highly recommend that you hit this up!

However, before you do, make sure to go over the basics of bicycle safety and maintenance so you’ll know what to do if you get into a hairy situation. Also, go over the three important DON’Ts below to ensure that you not only make the most of your CicLAvia experience but also avoid ruining someone else’s day.

  1. DON’T treat CicLAvia like a race. The event is for everyone: pedestrians, skaters, and wheelchairs, beginners and veterans alike. Leave the one piece at home and just cruise. Pay attention to your surroundings and never rush, or else someone might get hurt. If slower-moving folk are blocking the way, don’t bark at them – be chill and ask them politely to move aside. Basically, use your common sense and show common decency.
  2. DON’T leave your wallet at home. Spend some money, that is, if you can afford it. CicLAvia works only because the community allows it – give back. Grab a bottle of water from the local vendor, buy lunch, perhaps treat yourself to a desert, and why not go shopping for crafts and trinkets while you’re at it? Show business owners and residents the positive economic effects CicLAvia can have on a neighborhood. This way, people in more and more areas will take note and be more willing to invite CicLAvia to their streets.
  3. DON’T block emergency vehicle access. This means no barbecues, no chairs, no tables – this isn’t a tailgate party. If you have crafted some big zany sculpture just for the event, feel free to bring it with you – creativity and expression are encouraged. However, just make sure to keep it at the curb or on the sidewalk.
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Overall, be considerate, be respectful, and DON’T forget to have fun. The Los Angeles bicycle accident attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm wish everyone a safe and joyful CicLAvia!

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