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What Is the Best Safety Infrastructure for Urban Cyclists?

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Answers Provided by Our Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyers

When we think about bicycle safety, we usually think about gear. Currently, there are numerous products available on the market that are specifically intended to keep urban cyclists safe. They range from helmets that are LED-enabled to fluorescent jackets featuring reflective arrows to backpacks that signal turns; the list is endless. With such a huge, amazing collection to ensure the safety of cyclists on the roads, it can be difficult for one to decide on the kinds of equipment that are most effective, and where they ought to invest their money.

But this isn’t an article about gear.

We, as bicycle accident lawyers, recognize the importance of safety gear for cyclists, but we believe that safety starts first and foremost with infrastructure, whereas gear should be regarded as a final measure in case of an accident.

So, what are the top safety infrastructure that all cities should have?

  1. Buffers

Buffers are at the top of the list because of their effectiveness at keeping cyclists from getting hit by some reckless car drivers. Even though painted-on bike lanes are a good way of trying to ensure the safety of cyclists, they are only as effective as drivers’ willingness to avoid driving or even parking in them. Through physically separating cars from bicycles on the roads, buffers can be used to do away with the conflicts between the two different transport modes. Though buffers are often in the form of simple concrete barriers or bollards, several cities have gone the extra mile to build planter-box buffers, which are both practical and stylish.

  1. Speed bumps, roundabouts, and obstructions

Several cities have made certain improvements on their roads with the aim of reducing vehicle speeds, and they have actually proven to be effective. Instead of just relying on the general public’s willingness to drive at the set speed limit or the traffic police’s ability to enforce them, several cities have been constructing physical infrastructure which simply make it impossible to drive quickly. Even as most individuals are familiar with speed bumps, some of the most recent and greatest innovations in the calming of traffic also include curb extensions, roundabouts, road narrowing measures, and bollards.

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Infrastructure that minimizes motor vehicle speeds are an important cycling safety infrastructure because lower speeds reduces the chances of cyclists getting hit by motorists. And in the unfortunate event that someone does get hit, the lower driving speeds significantly reduce the extent of injuries sustained by the cyclists upon impact.

If you or someone you love gets involved in a bicycle accident caused by a motorist, do not hesitate to contact our offices for legal representation. Our bicycle accident lawyers have the necessary skill and experience needed to handle such cases.

  1. Bicycle-specific traffic signals

Unfortunately, intersections are where most of the collisions between bicycle riders and motorists actually take place. For that reason, smart traffic signal phasing which provides different travel times for motorists and cyclists is one of the greatest cycling safety innovations ever! These signals provide totally different travel times for the two conflicting modes of transport (motor vehicles and bicycles).

  1. Signage

No road network is truly complete without several well-placed signage. Signs help all road users navigate the city, remind individuals to watch out for other road users, and indicate speed limits and other laws. Road signage also reminds motorists to watch out for cyclists, while also warning cyclists to watch out for pedestrians and of any steep hills ahead.

The value of the above infrastructure to cycling safety is something that cannot be overlooked. Remember, if you have been injured in a bicycle accident, we have the best bicycle accident lawyers ready to handle your case. Just give us a call.

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