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Why Cyclists Should Wear Cameras

bicycle helmet camera

WLF Bicycle Accident Attorney Gives Advice

Cyclists are highly vulnerable to injuries, not only because their whole body is vulnerable to outside forces but also because car drivers often behave as if cyclists have no business being on the road. It’s quite common for cyclists to watch helplessly as the car driver who ran them down, intentionally or otherwise, is allowed to walk away scot-free due to lack of evidence. One way wronged cyclists can ensure justice is by using helmet cameras (aka on-bike cameras) to record such incidents.

Here are some reasons cycles should wear cameras:

  • Video recordings can provide strong evidence of fault

Helmet cameras have become popular among cyclists in recent years. Cyclists are aware of the dangers they face on the road every day and those who have been injured in accidents know how difficult it can be to win a personal injury claim in the absence of strong evidence. A visual account of what happened could provide crucial evidence of the driver’s fault.

Consider this scene. A cyclist is riding on the edge of the roadway. A car comes out of nowhere and knocks him down. The cyclist sustains severe injuries. The car speeds away. There are no witnesses. Fortunately, the cyclist was wearing a camera which recorded everything, and the footage clearly shows the car’s license plate number. This video recording will be a strong evidence in the cyclist’s favor in a personal injury claim.

  • Cyclists are often too dazed or injured to give an accurate account

In bicycle-car collision cases, the cyclists are often too dazed or severely injured to be able to give an account of what actually happened. The car driver, on the other hand, is uninjured and only slightly agitated. In the absence of a witness, the account the driver gives is often accepted to be true because the cyclist can’t remember what happened.

This happens to a lot of cyclists. The first thing a cyclist who has been knocked down does is to try to get back on his feet. He is in pain. His vision is blurred. He can’t think properly. It takes time for him to piece together what really happened. Meanwhile, the driver has thought up an account that favors him. Since the cyclist is confused, the driver has an advantage. But if the cyclist was wearing a camera at the time of the collision, then no matter what the driver might say, the truth will be there for everyone to see.

Bicycle accidents are very common and can happen anywhere. If you have been injured in a collision with a negligent driver, you should talk to a bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible to explore your legal options.

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