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How Much Does a Brain Injury Cost?


The costs of traumatic brain injury

You can’t put a price on the cost of the emotional and physical issues that arise as a result of traumatic brain injury (TBI), but there are clear monetary expenses associated with this potentially devastating condition. The cost of TBI varies from case to case – estimates put mild cases at $85,000, moderate injuries at $941,000, and severe injuries somewhere in the millions of dollars. One recent Harvard study estimated that the lifetime cost of brain injuries can soar to around $15 million!

But why so high? Depending on its severity, a brain injury can impact every aspect of a person’s professional and personal life, and incur both short-term and long-term expenses. In especially serious cases, the effects can last a lifetime.

Let’s take a look at the specifics:

  • Life Care Costs: This includes past and future medical treatments, physical therapy, rehabilitation sessions, medications, and perhaps assisted living care.
  • Loss of Earning Capacity: Since brain injury frequently leads to both physical and cognitive issues, including fatigue, trouble focusing, and memory problems, you may not be able to work as many hours as you used to or you may have to take a lower paying position because it is less demanding. Depending on your age and your job salary prior to the injury, you may be entitled to hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in lost potential earnings.
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life: If you’ve suffered a serious brain injury, chances are that your quality of life has been reduced, perhaps irrecoverably. Although this damage is more abstract and less economic in nature, you can get financial compensation for it.

An experienced and resourceful attorney should take all of these factors into account and consult with physicians, economic loss experts, accident reconstruction specialists, hedonic damage experts, and other relevant professionals to determine the value estimate for your case. He or she should also conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding your accident to extract evidence that sheds light on your side of the story and convinces the jury to rule in your favor.

If you or someone you love has recently sustained TBI in an accident caused by another party, please contact Wilshire Law Firm today for immediate legal assistance. Our dedicated legal team can advise you of your legal rights and help you get the compensation you deserve. To learn more about your case and your best legal options in a FREE consultation, call us today at (800) 522-7274.

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