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Traumatic Brain Injury FAQ

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Every Questions You Have About Traumatic Brain Injury

When the brain – perhaps THE most vital organ in the human body – is damaged, the effects can last for a lifetime. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the more serious types of injuries that can result from vehicle crashes and other types of accidents. For answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about TBI claims, check out the information below.

What are the symptoms of TBI?

If you have suffered a mild brain injury, you may experience headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, depression, and heightened anxiety, among other physical, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms. If your injury is more severe, you may be stricken with persistent, painful headaches, exhibit unusual behavior, have difficulty speaking, and/or have a seizure.

In any case, you should see a trusted physician after your accident, even if you don’t feel like something’s wrong. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your health. Plus getting a medical report will ensure that the full extent of your injuries are established for insurance purposes.

I’m pretty certain I’ve sustained a brain injury in an accident caused by another party. What should I do next?

Contact a personal injury attorney who has significant experience in brain injury claims and lawsuits. When interviewing a prospective attorney, ask him or her what TBI cases he or she has handled, what the results were like, and what involvement he or she has with brain injury organizations, if any.

If I have suffered irreversible damages due to my brain injury, why should I bother consulting with an attorney?

The permanent nature of your injuries makes legal action even more important. An attorney can help you secure full compensation for the costs of your medical treatment, assisted living care, and other necessary services, while making sure the liable party is held accountable for their negligence.

As a TBI victim in the midst of a claim or lawsuit, should I return to work as soon as I am able? Or will this hurt my case?

To avoid being charged as a malingerer or faker in court, abide by the advice of your doctor, physical therapist, and, of course, your lawyer. This way, you won’t do anything to put your claim or suit in jeopardy. If you are advised to go back to work, do so – and work as hard as you can! “Troopers” generally score big with jurors.

How can I prove my damages?

To establish the full extent of your injuries along with the consequential economic losses, you can have relevant professionals, including doctors, employers, life care planners, neurologists, neuropsychologists, and even economists, testify on your behalf in court. A resourceful attorney should be able to find the right people to support your case.

The doctor said it may be a long time before we know the full extent of my brain injury – should I wait to contact an attorney?

Depending on where the injury happened as well as the cause, the statute of limitations (period of time in which you have to file a claim) may be very brief. It’s best to get legal help immediately. That way, your attorney can begin evaluating your case and initiate the process of filing a claim before it’s too late.

If you have any questions about your specific case, feel free to contact the experienced California brain injury lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm for assistance. We can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your options and let you know where you stand. For more information about the services our firm provides, call us today at (800) 522-7274.

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