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Traumatic Brain Injury, In the Words of Survivors

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Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors Tell All

Every traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor has their own unique story, but they all stem from the same emotions and state of mind that bind this group: anger at the injustice of their situation, frustration with the challenges of maintaining memory and focus, sadness from dwindling relationships, and fear at what the future might hold.

No one understands the effects of TBI better than those who are living with it, which is why we turned to the online community of TBI survivors for their personal descriptions of what it is like to live with such a seriously debilitating condition. The list below captures some of the most poignant responses so graciously provided by these determined individuals:

  • Like losing your mental sense of gravity.
  • You try to cope with swagger, but you know you don’t feel the same inside. And when you can’t cope with it, you hide.
  • Memory taker, life changer, and makes you a “new you” that you don’t like.
  • It’s like running in all directions at the same time.
  • Brain injury is like being trapped in space, with no ground below and darkness ahead – just floating around.
  • It’s like I’m living in a parallel world that I don’t belong in.
  • I feel like a fish in a fishbowl.
  • You know that feeling when you have a word on the tip of your tongue? It’s like that, but all the time.
  • Living each day with that looming feeling that you’ve forgotten something.
  • It’s a life-changing experience. I’ve learned to appreciate the little things, though I still have my bad days of feeling denial and anger and frustration … Coping and struggling is a continuous dance. I appreciate and hate life at the same time. I’m happy to be alive, but I’m also struggling with acceptance of my life the way it is.

Living with TBI is one of the hardest trials a person can endure. If you have sustained a brain injury in an accident caused by another party, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for medical bills, lost wages and loss of future earnings, pain and suffering, and more.

You do not have to struggle alone. Call (800) 522-7274 for legal representation from the experienced brain injury lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm. We can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your rights and best options in a FREE consultation.

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