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What Brain Injury Survivors Wish Others Would Understand

traumatic brain injury

7 Things Brain Injury Survivors Want You To Know

#1 Don’t take me for being lazy.

I know I rest a lot more than the average person, but please understand, my brain injury makes thinking more strenuous, difficult, and tiring.

#2 Just because I sometimes avoid social situations does not mean I’m antisocial.

I’m very sensitive to outside stimuli. A busy room can feel and sound like a battlefield. If you truly care for me, please don’t invalidate my experience with your assumptions.

#3 I may appear bored in conversations involving multiple people. But trust me, I’m not.

I am actually trying my very best to keep track of the conversation. It’s just that my brain gets overloaded from all the information that is being exchanged.

#4 If I tell you to stop talking, don’t get offended.

I’m not annoyed at you. I’m not uninterested in the subject. I just need to give my mind a rest. Understand that there is only so much information I can process in one sitting. We can resume our conversation later, when I’ll be less anxious and more attentive.

#5 Please bear with me if I lash out or otherwise get emotional.

I may be frustrated, in pain, fatigued, or there may be too much confusion or noise for my brain to filter.

#6 Please let me finish my thoughts when I talk, even if it feels like I’m “taking forever.”

By exercising patience, and by not interrupting me, you’ll actually be helping me become better at processing and articulating my thoughts.

#7 Please don’t treat me like a child.

When it comes to thinking, talking, and doing, I may take longer than most. But that doesn’t mean I’m dumb. My brain injury is as real as any broken bone. Be considerate of my situation and treat me with respect.

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