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5 Tools You Should Keep in Your Car

car tool kit

Suggestions by Our Knowledgeable Car Accident Lawyers

Things can quickly and unexpectedly go wrong when you are on the road, as all experienced Lancaster car accident lawyers know. But it’s not just accidents and bad weather you need to worry about, even a minor mishap like a flat tire can get you stranded for hour without food and water miles away from the nearest town. Therefore, you must always keep some essential tools your car.

Here are five tools you should keep in your car.

  1. Escape/Rescue Tool

You must always have an escape/rescue tool in your car for life-threatening emergency situations. One such tool is LifeHammer. Imagine a situation where your car is overturned or on fire or going underwater and you are trapped inside it with the seatbelt jammed. You can use the LifeHammer to cut the seatbelt and break the windows to make you escape. If you know how tough it can be to cut a seatbelt and break the window with anything else, then you will quickly learn to appreciate this tool made in the Netherlands. You can keep it near the driver’s seat fixed with a double-sided tape or Velcro.

  1. Jumper Cables

Car batteries have the habit of going dead at the most inopportune moments, such when you are getting late for office or on a deserted stretch of the highway miles away from the nearest car repair shop. But if you have jumper cables in your care, then you will have no reason to panic. Even if the battery can no longer hold a charge, they will still let you start your car. When shopping for jumper cables, look for heavy-gauge cable with high-quality spring-loaded clamps. Make sure that are at least 12 feet long. Avoid the smaller, cheaper types that plug into the cigarette lighter 12-volt outlet.

  1. Tire inflator/sealer
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What will you do if you have a flat tire and your spare tire is also flat or not inflated to the proper pressure? That’s when you will wish you had something to keep you tires inflated until you can reach the nearest tire shop. That’s where the tire inflator/sealer comes in. All you need to do is hook the can (it comes in a pressurized can) to the tire’s valve stem and let the sticky compound inside it cover the leak and fill the tire with enough pressure to make it possible for you to drive to the nearest tire shop. Tire inflator/sealer is not a permanent solution. You should get the tire replaced as soon as you find a tire shop.

  1. Tire pressure gauge

The best way to ensure that your tire will never have underinflation-related blowouts is to keep tabs on the pressure inside the tires regularly. Maintaining the right tire pressure also makes handling easier, improves gas mileage and maximizes the life of the tire. Make it a part of your weekly routine so that you will not forget. If you are going on a long trip, then make sure to check your tire pressures before leaving. A dial-faced pressure gauge is better than a cheap stick-type pressure gauge.

  1. A tool kit

Cars have lots of out of sight nuts and bolts that can get loose due to age, vibrations and other reasons. Examples include a loose battery terminal connection, a loose number plate, and a slipped hose camp. Often, the solution is to find them and tighten them before they come off. This makes a socket and screwdriver set an essential tool for your car. When shopping for a socket and screwdriver, look for a set with multiple socket sizes and screwdriver tips. Also, throw in a wrench set, a pair of pliers, a pair of scissors and duct tape for good measure.

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Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. You may be blindsided or rear-ended by a negligent driver even if you careful. If that happens, consult reliable car accident lawyers immediately to explore your legal options.

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