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Are Child Car Seats Really Safer?

child car seat

It Can Protect Your Child in a Car Accident

Parents make use of child car seats because they trust that they will keep their most valuable “cargo” safe from any kind of harm. We put our trust and the lives of our kids into the hands of child car seat manufacturers every time we use them. When these manufacturers fail to produce safe and 100% reliable products, it is our children and families that are left to bear the consequences.

Child car seats are meant to prevent injuries. When an accident occurs, and the child car seat doesn’t do its work, resulting in a child getting injured or even dying, the cause is often its bad design, defective construction, or a production error. If your child sustains any injuries as a result of a faulty car seat, you might have a claim against the seat manufacturer. You should immediately contact an experienced car accident attorney in the immediate aftermath to discuss your legal options.

Children outgrow child car seats faster than you think

Babies should ride in a car seat that has a detachable carrier. Out of all car seats, this is the only kind that offers proper support for an infant. The majority of these seats have a weight limit of around 30 to 35 pounds, which leads some parents to believe that it is actually safe to continue using this kind of car seat until the baby reaches this weight (around two years).

Testing from Consumer Reports has, however, disclosed that height is a lot more important than weight when it comes to establishing whether a child has outgrown his or her car seat. In tests involving a 22-pound dummy (the average 1-year old), Consumer Reports discovered that 16 out of the 30 child car seats tested did not offer protection against head injuries. This is because the dummy was sufficiently tall to slide up the child car seat upon impact and then strike its head against the rear of one of the two front seats. When the same dummy was put in a convertible back-facing car seat, the head injury risks almost disappeared; out of the 25 dummies tested, head injuries were witnessed in only one dummy. Based on these results, the experts at Consumer Reports are advising parents to switch to convertible car seats once their children turn one.

What if my child gets injured in a car accident?

In case your child sustains injuries in a car accident when riding in a child car seat, you might be entitled to compensation for the injuries he or she suffered, as long as you did not in any way contribute to the injuries. If the faulty car seat directly contributed to the injuries of your child, the seat’s manufacturer is liable for your child’s injuries. If you are not responsible for the car accident, but you failed to install the car seat properly, this could you make you somewhat liable for your child’s injuries.

You should bear in mind that child car seats which have been recalled, are expired, or have been involved in an accident in the past should not be used. If you choose to use such a child car seat and your child gets injured when riding in it, this could adversely affect your claim. The person at fault for the accident might argue that your child would not have sustained any injuries had you used the car seat properly.

Get Help from a Proven Car Accident Attorney

If you need any help with a car accident claim, either for yourself or your child, do not hesitate to contact a car accident attorney. Getting a lawyer who is experienced in the field of car accidents will significantly improve your chances of winning compensation. Contact our offices and we will assign a skilled and experienced car accident attorney who will stop at nothing to get you what you legally deserve.

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