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Best Cars for First Time Drivers

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Recommendations from a Knowledgeable Car Accident Lawyer

There is nothing more exciting for first-time drivers than getting a new car! However, with the hundreds if not thousands of car models available on the market today, choosing the best car for yourself might be a challenging task.

There are two important factors to consider when buying your first car; the cost of the car and the costs associated with maintaining it. It is important for you to pick a car that you can afford to pay for on the spot or finance with a low interest rate. Additionally, you also have to factor in other costs of running the car such as insurance, fuel costs, and maintenance.

First-time drivers tend to prefer smaller vehicles because they inspire more confidence when passing through tight spaces and are easier to park. Getting a car that you can easily and comfortably maneuver is crucial. This is because studies have indicated that less experienced drivers are involved in more car accidents; therefore, as a first-time driver, you want to choose a car that has a good safety record and is easier for you to maneuver, as any car accident lawyer would recommend.

Even though the price of the car, its running costs, and safety are all very important, it is likely that you will also want something with a sense of style and fun as well. Based on safety, design, price, and associated costs of servicing and maintaining a car, here is our list of the five best cars for first-time drivers.

  1. Peugeot 208 hatchback

The Peugeot 208 is very comfortable and comes equipped with plenty of standard safety equipment. Additionally, there is a promotion known as Just Add Fuel run by Peugeot, which is simply a PCP finance package which includes the car, roadside assistance, and insurance. You, however, should be above 18 years to enjoy it and also be willing to have your car fitted with a Telematics Box (that captures data on how safely you drive) if you don’t have over two years driving experience.

  1. Skoda Citigo hatchback

This is hands down the best car for any first-time driver. Not only is the Skoda Citigo a stylish car, but it is also one of the cheapest cars available on the market to insure. It is easy to maneuver and fun to drive as well. It also packs plenty of safety features.

  1. Hyundai i10

This is one of the best ever cars made by Hyundai. It is not only relatively cheap but also well-equipped with safety and comfort features. It also comes with a comprehensive five-year warranty. On top of this, the Hyundai i10 is stylish and has a relatively powerful engine that combines performance with efficiency.

  1. Volkswagen Polo

Even though it is more pricey than the Skoda Fabia, its sister model, this car justifies the extra cash with its more standard equipment and better interior. You also get to enjoy the Volkswagen badge on the bonnet. It has been specifically designed with comfort in mind and is easy to maneuver.

  1. Ford Fiesta hatchback

This car is absolutely amazing to drive, and even though it is more expensive than some of its rivals on this list, it is more spacious and practical than most of them.  The Ford Fiesta is better on the motorway and cheaper to run than many similar sized cars.

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Even though getting a new car is one of the most exciting and memorable moments for an individual, it is also important to remember that there will be certain risks you will be exposing yourself to everytime you hit the road. It is for this reason that it is important to consider having a car accident lawyer. After an accident, simply contact our law firm, and we will assign you a skilled and experienced car accident lawyer to provide you with the legal assistance you need.

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