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What Is the Average Claim Amount for Whiplash?

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For Whiplash

What Is the Average Claim Amount for Whiplash? The most common type of injury involved in road accidents is the whiplash. In road accidents, they are normally quite straightforward when it comes to establishing who is in the wrong. A lot of individuals usually determine right at the start that they certainly have a claim; however, they are not certain how much they can actually sue for. This is precisely where a car accident law firm comes in. The car accident law firm will assist you in determining how much your whiplash claim is worth and also ensure that you receive your compensation.

It is, however, important to know that determining the average claim amount for whiplash is not just something that can easily be done by anyone. Every claim is treated differently and is appraised on its own merits.

However, due to its common nature, we can provide estimates and averages. Still those numbers will be determined by other factors such as:

  • How long will you suffer for
  • The gravity of the suffering you will endure
  • The effect that the suffering will have on your personal lifestyle
  • The expenses and losses that you sustain as part of the injury

Whiplash claims are divided into two; general and special damages. General damages are basically for the suffering, pain, and the loss of amenity which is as a result of the injury. Special damages, on the other hand, cover out of pocket costs and any losses for instance medical expenses and lost earnings. In case you need to take four weeks off as a result of the injury, and you are given sick pay, the difference between your full pay and the sick pay you are paid is determined and recovered back to you. It is things like this, for instance, that make it difficult to give the average claim amounts for whiplash.

Below are the estimates and averages of whiplash claims:

  • An average minor whiplash injury is worth approximately $3,000
  • The bracket with reference to the official guidelines that is used in valuing minor whiplash allegations is approximately between $1,200 and $6,100
  • Generally, in case you are suffering for more than four weeks, the whiplash claim ought to be more than $1,200
  • In case the whiplash injury is a moderate one, the bracket falls between $6,100 and $18,300. In case it is a severe one, the value of the whiplash claim definitely increases.

These particular brackets are essential for the car accident law firm once they have the proper medical proof for your claim. The bracket that your whiplash injury falls into totally relies on the gravity and length of your suffering. The definition from your doctor or any other medical expert of ‘severe’ or ‘moderate’ whiplash is actually the way out when it comes to guidelines above. The definition of severe, moderate, and minor stated above solely relate to the guidelines utilized for a specific claim. Let us assume, for instance, your doctor says that you have a severe whiplash injury. This does not imply that you can use the above to estimate that you are entitled to over $18,000. There a lot of people who suffer from minor whiplash injuries that last for over one whole year.

Maximizing your whiplash payout

There is only one guaranteed way of making sure that the whiplash payout you get is the highest possible amount that you were entitled to get. Order a skilled whiplash attorney with experience in handling whiplash compensation cases and an exceptional reputation to boot. A quality car accident law firm will not only dedicate itself but also tailor its service to fighting tooth and nail to get you the highest possible award.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017

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