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Do Texting Bans Actually Work?

distracted driving

Our Car Accident Lawyers Give the Answer

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of fatal car accidents on American roads right now. Thousands of people die on our roads each year as a result of distracted driving related accidents, and hundreds of thousands more are injured. Billions of dollars are also lost as a result of the economic losses brought about by these accidents to the victims and the organizations they work for. The number one thing or activity that distracts the majority of motorists on our roads is texting.

For some reason, most drivers seem to think that they can effectively multitask; i.e. drive while texting on the phone at the same time. Multitasking is actually a myth. No human can competently do two things effectively at the same time. Your performance at either one or both tasks will be compromised, and this will considerably increase your likelihood to cause an accident. It is for this reason that most states around the country have laws that prohibit text driving. But are these laws being followed and have they in any way reduced the number of accidents caused by motorists who text while driving?

Do texting bans actually work? Based on recent studies, the answer seems to be yes. States and jurisdictions with the most severe punishments (in the form of heavy fines) for texting while driving have recorded reductions in distracted driving accidents. This shows that there is a need for more states to try and enact tougher laws to deter more people from texting while driving on our roads.

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However, despite the texting while driving bans and the indications that such bans are helping reduce road accidents, many American drivers are still engaging in this dangerous activity. So are the laws not working? Have car accident lawyers become sharper at helping their clients get out of these sticky situations? Is there a problem with the law? Or are some apps encouraging people to glance at their phones while driving?

One possible way to answer these questions is to look at the statistics, which show that a significant proportion of texting while driving motorists are teenagers and young people. It is common knowledge that many young people nowadays text and share information using apps. Could it be that these apps are “urging” people to use them while driving? For instance, some allow users to take photos and post the speeds they are moving at. This shows that apart from enacting texting bans, more awareness should be raised among our young people to encourage them to be more responsible while driving. Adult drivers should also not be completely ignored as this is not an issue affecting only teen drivers. Fines should be increased and the public made aware of these fines. Adult drivers are more likely to respond to this kind of deterrence than to just the mere enactment of laws.

Text while driving bans surely work. But they can only be more effective if more motorists are made aware and constantly reminded of the fact that it is unlawful and that it will result in heavy penalties if one is found doing it. Without this kind of awareness, people will succumb to the temptation of using their phones while driving even though they know it is dangerous.

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If you have been injured by a texting driver or a driver distracted in any other way, you should call us and we will assign you one of the best and most skilled car accident lawyers in the country to help you with your case.

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