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Essential Car Maintenance Tips

car maintenance

Maintenance Is Key to Preventing Car Accidents

Servicing and maintaining your car might look like a lot of unnecessary work, but it can help prevent a breakdown and significantly reduce your chances of getting involved in an accident while out on the roads. You don’t need a car accident lawyer to tell you that a poorly maintained car is likely to cause all sorts of problems; this is something every driver should know.

There are two ways of maintaining your car. First, you should regularly do your own maintenance checks, and second you should have your car serviced and maintained by a qualified mechanic as many times as indicated by your dealer or car manufacturer. With that said, here are some essential car maintenance tips to help you keep your car running smoothly.

  1. Lights

Check your headlights, signal lights, reversing lights, fog lights, and brake lights at least once a week. If any light is not working, have it immediately replaced. Lights are essential in increasing your visibility at night and in “communicating” with other motorists at night as well. If any of your lights are not working, your chances of getting involved in an accident, particularly during the night, are significantly higher than for most people.

  1. Engine oil

Car engine oil is most probably that one thing that every man who opens a bonnet looks at. And this is good! The engine oil is what makes your car to move smoothly. Use a dip stick and check your oil levels every few weeks. Refill if low.

  1. Tires
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You should check your tire pressures almost every time you want to hit the road and increase it if it is low. You should also check for wear and make sure that the tire treads can still grip the road as they should. Otherwise, worn out tires will make it very difficult for you to brake, and you probably know that this can lead to a bad car accident.

Also, rotate your tires after a year or two to allow them to evenly wear.

  1. Cooling system

Check the cooling system when it is cold and make sure you add distilled water as needed. A 1:1 mix of distilled water and a coolant could help keep your system in top shape and prevent corrosion in the cooling system.

  1. Keep it clean

Your car should get a thorough wash every now and then. The interior, the exterior, and the car’s underside should all be washed regularly to prevent dirt accumulation. Your rearview mirrors should specifically be cleaned regularly for obvious reasons.

  1. Windscreen wipers

You should replace your windscreen wipers annually. This is because wipers accumulate dust and oils and after a year or so, they will be smearing that dirt on your car’s windscreen instead of cleaning it.

  1. Brakes

Get your brakes checked by professionals from time to time.

As you can see there are many different aspects to consider when maintaining your car. This is obviously not an exhaustive list but it covers most of what needs to be done. A well-maintained car shows that you are a responsible man or woman. This in turn means that if you are ever involved in an accident, it will be easier for your car accident lawyer to show that you are neither liable for the crash nor a negligent driver. Having your car maintained will also save you lots of money by preventing the need for bigger repairs in case of severe mechanical breakdown or an accident. Maintenance of your car also ensures that you get most of your money back when you decide to sell your ride.

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