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Here’s How to Save Gas While Driving

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WLF Car Accident Attorneys Provide Money-Saving Tips

Gas accounts for the largest chunk of the total cost of driving a car. Although the price of gas has fallen in the last few years, gas is still far from cheap. Use these tips from our experienced car accident attorneys to save gas – and on gas money – when driving.

  1. Combine your daily errands into one big trip

Rather than going out five or six time for different errands, combine all your errands in one long trip. The reason is that each time you start your car after it’s parked for a few hours, your car uses more gas than usual in the first five miles. So, you will eat up more gas in five short trips than in one long trip. If you make a habit of combining all of your errands into one trip, you will save a considerable amount on gas.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary weight

Your car guzzles more gas when it has to carry more weight. There is nothing surprising about that. More weight means more work. So, do not put anything in the trunk or back seat that isn’t necessary. If you are in the habit of carrying heavy items like golf clubs everywhere you go, then make it a habit to leave them at home when you do not need them.

  1. Close the windows when you are driving fast

The shape of your car makes a huge difference in fuel consumption when you are driving fast. The more aerodynamic it is, the less it has to struggle against the wind (called ‘drag’), which means it will consume less gas. But when you leave the windows open, ‘drag’ will increase and your car will use up more gas. So close the windows when you are driving fast. Instead, switch on the air conditioner. Studies have shown that above 60 mph, open windows make your vehicle significantly less aerodynamic.

  1. Switch off the air conditioner when you driving at low speed
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Not many people know that the car’s air conditioner consumes a lot of gas. Therefore, switch it off and open the windows if it isn’t too hot or too cold. This is because at low speeds, there is less ‘drag’, even with the windows open. Studies have shown that below 55 mph, you should open your windows rather than use your air conditioner if you want to save on gas.

  1. Avoid driving in the rush hour

Rush hour driving means driving in first gear, hitting the brakes umpteen times, and stopping and starting the car every few minutes. This is a very expensive way to travel, because your car will guzzle up more gas than in ten minutes than when driving for half an hour on the highway. So avoid driving in the rush hour if you can.

  1. Try to maintain a constant speed

The most fuel-efficient way to drive a car is at a constant speed of around 50 mph and in the highest gear (fifth or sixth, whichever you have). But, of course, you will need to increase or decrease your velocity according to the situation. When increasing your speed, accelerate as smoothly as you can. Do not step on the gas just to overtake every car in front of you.

  1. Make sure your tires are not underinflated

Low tire pressure means more fuel consumption. Make sure that your car always has the right tire pressures. Since tires gradually lose air over time, whether you frequently drive your car or not, make it a habit to check the tire pressures once every two weeks. But do not overinflate your tires; they might blow out if they get too hot.

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When trying to save gas, take care not to do anything that might cause an accident. If you are injured in a collision, then do not talk to anyone before talking to reputable car accident attorneys.

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